Monday, July 26, 2010

The Best Albums of the '90s

Before we take off for a few weeks of much needed vacations, we are going to sign off with the list of our 200 favorite albums of the '90s. At the end of last summer we posted the list of our Top 200 Albums of the '80s at Cool Music Database after completing the presentation of our favorite albums from each year of that decade. Now that the '90s project is also completed, we have compiled the list of the Top 200 Albums of the '90s which you can check out in its entirety here. Below you can see just the best of the best, the crème de la crème of the '90s in our humble opinion, and a few related videos. Turn it up! 

Top 25 Albums of the '90s
  1. Nevermind - NIRVANA
  2. Rid of me - P.J. HARVEY
  3. Live through this - HOLE
  4. Extricate - THE FALL
  5. Goo - SONIC YOUTH
  6. Siamese dream - SMASHING PUMPKINS
  7. Fear of a black planet - PUBLIC ENEMY
  8. The hot rock - SLEATER-KINNEY   
  10. Fontanelle - BABES IN TOYLAND
  11. Dirty - SONIC YOUTH
  12. Swift-work - THE FALL
  13. Slanted and enchanted - PAVEMENT
  14. Celebrity skin - HOLE
  15. 1965 - THE AFGHAN WHIGS
  16. Sweet oblivion - SCREAMING TREES
  17. Too high to die - MEAT PUPPETS
  18. Trompe le monde - PIXIES
  19. Every good boy deserves fudge - MUDHONEY
  20. The real Ramona - THROWING MUSES
  21. Copper blue - SUGAR
  22. In utero - NIRVANA
  23. Dry - P.J. HARVEY
  24. Henry’s dream - NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS
  25. At Action Park - SHELLAC

Nirvana - Lithium

P.J. Harvey - Man-Size

Hole - Violet

Cool Music Central is now officially on summer vacations. Normal service will resume mid-August, although you never know what you might find here in the meantime...

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