Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best Albums Of The '80s

For the past few months I've been posting lists with the best albums from each year of the '80s on Cool Music Database and finally, last week, the process was completed with the 1989 selection. Those lists have been in existence for several years and were first published in the original Cool Music Central site, hosted on Netscape websites between 1999 and 2008.

Instead of posting the lists on the new blog in their original version, I decided that this was a good opportunity to revise them, rethinking the all-important ranking with the benefit of hindsight and adding albums that I've discovered more recently as I searched the net for previously hard to find releases. The result of all this research is more complete and well-informed lists (still 100% subjective, of course), but it also means that it will take several more months until we have all the lists from the '80s to the present day in one place.

To mark the completion of the '80s part of the project (and before we move on to the detailed '90s lists, starting next month), a list with C.M.C.'s 200 favorite albums of the '80s has just been posted on Cool Music Database. You can see the complete list here and you'll be also able to find it on R.Y.M. with easier access to information on the albums and artists. But before you start clicking away, you can scroll down to watch videos related to the Top 3 albums and to check out the tip of the iceberg, our Top 25 Albums of the '80s:

Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket

The Fall - Tempo House (live in Hacienda)

The Pixies - Broken Face (live)

Top 25 Albums of the '80s

1. Daydream nation - SONIC YOUTH
2. Perverted by language - THE FALL
3. Surfer Rosa - PIXIES
4. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back - PUBLIC ENEMY
5. Songs about fucking - BIG BLACK
6. Zen arcade - HUSKER DU
7. Document - R.E.M.
8. Meat is murder - THE SMITHS
9. The gift - THE JAM
10. Remain in light - TALKING HEADS
11. Closer - JOY DIVISION
12. Psychocandy - THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN
13. This nation’s saving grace - THE FALL
14. Sister - SONIC YOUTH
15. Fire dances - KILLING JOKE
18. Life’s too good - THE SUGARCUBES
19. Bug - DINOSAUR JR.
21. The Smiths - THE SMITHS
22. The days of wine and roses - THE DREAM SYNDICATE
23. Over the edge - WIPERS
24. Violent Femmes - VIOLENT FEMMES
25. Sound affects - THE JAM

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