Sunday, October 31, 2010

Listening Habits 09-10.10

In the last couple of months we had the opportunity to listen to several exceptionally strong releases and I feel it’s time for a couple of nice lists that sum up our favorite albums and tracks for the fall season.

At the top of the pile of discs that weigh down the desk of Cool Music Central (yes, I still buy cds) we find "Everything In Between", the third and easily the best album by LA noise duo No Age. Over the past decade we had several examples that the two-member, guitarist-drummer, band line-up could work wonders. No Age is certainly a fine example of that, producing a wholesome, thoroughly satisfying racket using just the bare essentials.

With its latest work, No Age goes beyond its previous achievements by finally managing to master the fine art of balancing melody and noise. The drum beat that threatens to explode in the opening "Life Prowler" is kept under control, giving propulsion to the melancholic vocals and the restrained guitar melody instead of crushing them underfoot. The fury is gradually unleashed in the tracks that follow: "Glitter" is a perfect slab of noisy power-pop in the spirit of early ‘90s Sebadoh, while in "Fever Dreaming" and "Depletion" the amps are turned up to 11 and the punk-rock fireworks light the sky Husker Du-style.  "Common Heat" resets the album to melodic mode and the cycle that eventually leads to even more controlled noise explosions and spectacular sonic demolitions - reconstructions starts all over again. In short, No Age comes of age and delivers the noise-rock masterpiece it had promised all along.

Grinderman’s 2007 debut marked Nick Cave’s surprising return to the primitive blues-punk sound of his wild Birthday Party days. The mean, lean sound of Grinderman carried over to the next Bad Seeds record, making "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" one of the best in the group’s remarkable history. With "Grinderman 2" it seems that the two separate projects have sonically merged, making this album sound more like the follow up to "Lazarus", in places violently noisy and chaotic ("Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man", "Evil"), in others more subtle and broodingly melodic ("When My Baby Comes"). In other words, another exemplary work for Nick Cave and his crew, which may be a few men down in the Grinderman vessel but it’s no less willing and able to deliver the goods.

As I was saying in our Primavera Sound festival coverage here, a place in punk-rock Valhalla is already reserved for Les Savy Fav thanks to all their incredible shows and amazingly powerful records, with 2007’s "Let's Stay Friends" being their crowning achievement. "Root for Ruin" is its highly anticipated sequel and it’s finally here to provide further proof, if anyone still needed it, of the unique ability of this band to create killer punk-rock tunes. Of course a near perfect record like "Let's Stay Friends" is hard to be surpassed, but the new effort carries enough punch to come close to it and possesses plenty of new material ("Appetites", "Dirty Knails", "Let's Get Out Of Here") to add fuel to the band’s live extravaganza. Book your tickets now!

Speaking of killer punk-rock tunes, here comes Superchunk with its first record in 9 years. "Majesty Shredding", as the title suggests, provides shredding guitars and majestic shout-along noise anthems in the vein of the band’s early '90s best work. The long absence seems to have renewed the enthusiasm and reenergized the band who once again is able to admirably combine speedy, urgent punk with memorable melodies like no one else has done since the heyday of Buzzcocks.

Black Mountain goes for a different blend in "Wilderness Heart". The Canadian rockers mix heavy '70s psychedelic rock with serene folk and the end result is a wonderfully delightful concoction that should earn them a wider audience. "Let Spirits Ride" combines Black Sabbath with Hawkwind and is easily the best hard rock track of the year, while "Radiant Hearts" is a fine example of the tender folk that also occupies a special place in the band’s heart. The majestic title track and the powerful "Old Fangs" where Stephen McBean and Amber Webber trade vocals in perfect harmony are two further examples of the album’s many irresistible charms.

A different strain of folk resides in the electronic rhythms of Glasser’s excellent debut "Ring". Cameron Mesirow’s solo project turned band creates futuristic folk melodies based on tribal percussion and spooky synthesizers reminiscent of Fever Ray (with whom she shares the production team of Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid) and Bat For Lashes. The end result sounds like the soundtrack to a magical trip through an enchanted forest where Cameron’s ethereal voice acts as your guide to safety.

Our Top 8 for September-October also includes the self-titled Interpol LP (more about it here) and Blonde Redhead’s eighth full-length, "Penny Sparkle", where the former no-wavers abandon the intricate guitar work of their past in favor of icy electronica. In this transformation we once again find the fingerprints of Swedish production duo Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid who have co-produced the album with the band. The synth-wizards have helped Blonde Redhead to brilliantly execute the magic trick of making the guitar, the foundation of their sound so far, disappear from sight while managing to retain intact the elaborate and fragile sound sculptures that they construct around it. The end result is as breathtaking and achingly beautiful as ever.

Top 15 Albums

1.  Everything In Between - NO AGE
2.  Ring - GLASSER
3.  Grinderman 2 - GRINDERMAN
4.  Wilderness Heart - BLACK MOUNTAIN
5.  Root For Ruin - LES SAVY FAV
6.  Majesty Shredding - SUPERCHUNK
7.  Penny Sparkle - BLONDE REDHEAD
8.  Interpol - INTERPOL
9.  Phosphene Dream - THE BLACK ANGELS
10. The Hundred In The Hands - THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS
11. Transit Transit - AUTOLUX
12. Absolute Dissent - KILLING JOKE
13. How I Got Over - THE ROOTS
14. Rough Trade Shops Psych Folk 10 - VARIOUS ARTISTS
15. Surfing The Void - KLAXONS

Top 20 Tracks

1. Mirrorage - GLASSER
2. Barricade - INTERPOL
3. Everybody's under your spell - THE DUKE SPIRIT
4. Glitter - NO AGE
5. Worm tamer - GRINDERMAN
6. Let spirits ride - BLACK MOUNTAIN
7. Let’s get out of here - LES SAVY FAV
8. My gap feels weird - SUPERCHUNK
9. Not getting there - BLONDE REDHEAD
10. Ashes to ashes - WARPAINT
12. How I got over - THE ROOTS
13. Bad vibrations - THE BLACK ANGELS
14. Census - AUTOLUX
15. Sleep forever - CROCODILES
16. Stiff little fingers - DUM DUM GIRLS
17. The great cull - KILLING JOKE
18. Seed, crop, harvest - PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL
19. Slow - TWIN SHADOW
20. Veronica Sawyer - SUMMER CAMP

Glasser - Mirrorage

Thursday, October 28, 2010

CMC Radio: Under Your Spell

Our latest midweek playlist is finally here! It's punky, it's folky, it's psychedelic and it definitely rocks in an eclectic manner (or, at least, that's what I think). Click below to get into the slaying grooves of Sleigh Bells, Dum Dum Girls, Follow That Bird, The Duke Spirit, Smoke Fairies, Esben And The Witch, Cold War Kids, Prinzhorn Dance School, Liars, The Black Angels, Social Distortion and The Distillers:

CMC Radio 3: Under Your Spell

Here's the details of the 35:35, 12-track mixtape we have put together for your listening pleasure:

1. Tell 'Em - Sleigh Bells 
From "Treats", one of the debuts of the year!

2.  Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout - Dum Dum Girls
Same here - "I Will Be" is a magnificent debut and this is their latest single.

3.  Antlers - (Live Session on WOXY) - Follow That Bird
Session track from the band that was the star of Matador's ace compilation "Casual Victim Pile". Can't wait for their debut full-length!

4.  Everybody's Under Your Spell - The Duke Spirit
Great new track from a band that deserves huge success - It's from the forthcoming EP "Kusama" and you can get it here for free!

5. Hotel Room (Radio Edit) - Smoke Fairies
New single from the well-received debut album "Through Low Light And Trees"

6. Marching Song - Esben And The Witch
 It's a Danish fairy tale and a new Matador signing as well. This is the new single from their forthcoming debut album "Violet Cries", expected 31st January 2011.

7. Royal Blue - Cold War Kids
Another 2011 preview. The Kids third album "Mine Is Yours" is coming January 24th.

8. Seed, Crop, Harvest - Prinzhorn Dance School
I have a soft spot for bands that remind me of The Fall. Get their brand new single for free here.

9. Proud Evolution - Liars
Latest single off the rocking "Sisterworld" - one of the tracks and albums of the year!

10. Bad Vibrations - The Black Angels
Standout track off the psychedelically groovy "Phosphene Dream".

11. Through These Eyes - Social Distortion
This is punk rock, baby! The SoCal legends are on the way back with a new album in 2011 titled "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes". Our selection is off 1996's "White Light, White Heat, White Trash".

12. I Understand - The Distillers
Another short, sharp punk rock shock for the finale from The Distillers' 2002 album "Sing Sing Death House".

Until the next C.M.C. Radio transmission, sometime next week (hopefully Wednesday), I leave you under the spell of Leila Moss and The Duke Spirit. Their new album is expected February 2011!

The Duke Spirit - Everybody's Under Your Spell

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Live in Athens: Future Islands - New Young Pony Club - The Radio Dept.

In an uncharacteristically busy week for live music in Athens, we had the opportunity to see the first ever gigs here by Future Islands, New Young Pony Club and The Radio Dept. The CMJ Music Marathon it ain't, but still it was a good week for fans of new music and here's a glimpse into what happened in chronological order:

Future Islands & Baby Guru, live@Six D.O.G.S (October 17, 2010)

Although I was not familiar with the music of either band, I decided to trust the taste of the folks at Thrill Jockey who signed Future Islands last year and pay a visit to the small downtown club where they made their live debut in Athens with support from local act Baby Guru.

Future Islands' music bears the tag "Post-Wave", a term coined to describe the mix of dark, electronic new wave sounds with post punk aggression. Basically, the Baltimore based band could be the love child of New Order with Henry Rollins but sadly the execution of this concept is not always as exciting as it sounds on paper. The synth-pop melodies seem at odds with Sam Herring's pained, growled vocals and only when he attempts to sing in a more restrained manner, as in "Walking Though That Door" (the opening track of their latest album "In Evening Air"), the music manages to find its balance.

 Future Islands, live@Six D.O.G.S, 17 Oct. 2010

Baby Guru who opened the gig was the real revelation of the night. The Athens three-piece combines krautrock grooves and African rhythms with psychedelic vocals and punk rock energy to create an electrifying sound. If their upcoming debut on Cast-a-blast manages to capture their stirring live performance, it could become one of the most talked about albums of the local scene for years (and if there were any Thrill Jockey A&R scouts in the audience, an international career could be on the cards for them as well). For the night's finale we witnessed an impromptu collaboration between Future Islands and Baby Guru when the latter's drummer joined the headliners for a track, which you can watch below.

 Baby Guru, live@Six D.O.G.S, 17 Oct. 2010

Future Islands jamming with King Elephant from Baby Guru

New Young Pony Club (Oct. 20, 2010) & The Radio Dept. (Oct. 21, 2010), live@Gagarin 205

N.Y.P.C., live@Gagarin 205, 17 Oct. 2010
New Young Pony Club and The Radio Dept. were the headliners of the small-scale, two-day Jumping Fish Festival which also featured local acts Expert Medicine, Playground, No Profile, Travel Mind Syndrome, His Majesty The King Of Spain and Trap.

N.Y.P.C., live@Gagarin 205, 17 Oct. 2010

Londoners New Young Pony Club offered the best performance of the festival for my money. Despite playing in front of a rather small audience, they managed to create a party atmosphere performing an hour-long set which comprised of the best material from their two albums "Fantastic Playground" and "The Optimist". The band wasted no time getting to its greatest hits, kicking off the set with the rousing "Chaos" and moving on soon enough to breakthrough single "Ice Cream". Among the highlights of the night were also "Get Lucky", "The Bomb" and "The Get Go" from their debut as well as "Lost A Girl", "The Optimist", "We Want To" and "Oh Cherie" from their sophomore effort. Not to mention the non-stop dancing of singer Tahita Bulmer which you can also enjoy for yourself in the video for "Oh Cherie" below, where Tahita lets her hair down and really gets loose:

New Young Pony Club - Oh Cherie, live@Gagarin 205

N.Y.P.C., live@Gagarin 205, 17 Oct. 2010

The Radio Dept. from Lund, Sweden, are three self-confessed shy guys who play melodic indie-pop firmly rooted in the early '90s shoegaze scene and the ethereal sounds of Sarah Records. Even when the band decides to write a protest song against the government, it still sounds like a bitter-sweet lover's lament and this lack of dynamism is their Achilles' heel when playing live. In few occasions their twin guitars veer briefly in Jesus And Mary Chain territory, like in the closing "Why Won't You Talk About It?", but their dreamy vocals never allow the noise to take over. Their considerable Greek fan-base didn't seem to mind, though, and their dedication to delicate synth and guitar driven melodies was greeted with loud cheering at the end of their hour-long set.

The Radio Dept., live@Gagarin 205, 17 Oct. 2010

For the show's set list check out this post and watch below our video for one of the night's standout tracks, "Freddie And The Trojan Horse":

The Radio Dept. - Freddie And The Trojan Horse, live@Gagarin 205

 The Radio Dept., live@Gagarin 205, 17 Oct. 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

R.I.P. Ari Up

Having seen The Slits just a few months ago, playing a joyful set at Primavera Sound, the sad news I've just read about Ari Up passing away is not only shocking but simply incomprehensible. R.I.P. Arianna... long live The Slits - a truly remarkable, unique band.

The Slits - Typical Girls

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Playlist 2

For the second edition of our midweek playlist series we have selected music by Gang Gang Dance, Pit Er Pat, New Young Pony Club, Jen Gloeckner, The Gaa Gaa's, It Sound, Metro Decay, Twin Shadow, Wild Nothing, Warpaint, Effi Briest and Indian Jewelry. Click the link below to jump to the playlist page on MySpace and start listening:

CMC Radio: Wednesday Playlist 2 - Second Communion

Here's the details of the 12 tracks on our 47 minute mixtape:

1.  First Communion - Gang Gang Dance 
From "Saint Dymphna", one of our favorite albums of 2008.

2.  Godspot - Pit Er Pat 
From "The Flexible Entertainer", a 2010 favorite and a perfect companion to the Gang Gang Dance LP.

3.  Chaos (Rory Phillips Mix) - New Young Pony Club 
One of the singles from their second album "The Optimist". N.Y.P.C. are playing tonight in Athens and we're planing to be there - expect a complete report soon!

4.  Die (featuring Joseph Arthur) - Jen Gloeckner
Storming track off "Mouth of Mars", Jen's second album.

5.  Voltaire (Single Version) - The Gaa Gaa's
Debut single for the promising Brighton, UK band (out November 1st)

6.  I Live for the Future (All Day!) - It Sound
One of the best tracks on the forthcoming LP "Hard Pop for Blue Trees", a lo-fi treat from Jesse Damm aka It Sound. The album is out October 26 with cover art designed by Pascal Le Gras, whose handiwork has graced several album covers of The Fall over the years. Listen to it here.

7.  Skies ("Shadows") - Metro Decay
An early '80s classic single of the Greek new wave scene. It still sounds great today and it was recently re-released from Eirkti Music

8.  Slow - Twin Shadow
A brand new track from 4AD's latest signing Twin Shadow which sounds perfectly at home next to the early '80s new wave sound of Metro Decay. Download it for free here. The debut album "Forget" was released this week.

9.  Chinatown - Wild Nothing
From the 2010 album "Gemini", a treat for fans of '80s indiepop with a psychedelic '60s twist.

10. Undertow - Warpaint
Warpaint are becoming a regular fixture in our playlists. Debut full-length "The Fool" is out next week - expect heavy rotation!

11. Long Shadow - Effi Briest
Experimental psychedelic sounds and tribal rhythms from the album "Rhizomes" - the playlist comes full-circle and returns to the starting trancey mood set by Gang Gang Dance and Pit Er Pat.

12. Oceans - Indian Jewelry
The circle is complete with the opening track of Indian Jewelry's mesmerizing LP "Totaled". Come back for more next Wednesday.

Effi Briest - Long Shadow

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cool Music Central Radio: Introducing the Wednesday Playlist

 As the title suggests, on Wednesdays we’ll be presenting here a 12 song playlist which you’ll be able to stream on MySpace. The emphasis will be on new music but I’ll make sure to throw in a few older favorites for good measure. Click on the link below to listen to our first “dreamy” transmission of the series and continue reading for more info on the selected tracks:

O.Children may have taken their name from a Bad Seeds song but their music brings to my mind the image of Andrew Eldritch fronting Interpol. The baritone voice of singer Tobias O'Kandi dominates their sound and it’s going to be the decisive factor of whether you’re going to like them or not… Another famous baritone voice, that of Calvin Johnson, kicks off this Wednesday’s playlist with Beat Happening’s superb “Red Head Walking” from their 1991 album “Dreamy” (which, of course, is where the title of our playlist comes from)…And because I don’t want to mention the name of the dark lord Andrew Eldritch in vain, after O.Children’s “Ruins” comes the Sisters Of Mercy classic “Alice” from the early '80s, when Goth ruled the earth…Killing Joke also reigned supreme during the same period, but our recent visitors are featured here with the brand new “In Excelsis” from their 13th album “Absolute Dissent”… “Let’s Get Out Of Here”, the first single off Les Savy Fav’s recent excellent LP “Root For Ruin”, keeps noise levels in the red and opens up the way for a track from their heroes Superchunk, the 2007 single “Misfits and Mistakes” (unfortunately there are no tracks off their latest LP “Majesty Shredding” currently available on MySpace)…For even more punk rock mayhem, Superchunk’s tune is followed by Male Bonding’s cover of “Ever”, one of the most remarkable tracks in Flipper’s discography… Crystal Castles may prefer banging dance beats and electronic trickery to guitar riffs, but Alice Glass’s performance on “Baptism” is totally punk rock (check out the brand new video below)… HEALTH take their sound and our mood into dreamier realms with “USA Boys”… A dreamy realm that gets haunted by the witch-house of oOoOO and paves the way for a dance in the graveyard with High Places to the chilly beat of “On Giving Up”… And with Deerhunter’s “Revival” we bring our “dreamy” (sort of) playlist to an end - pay us a visit next Wednesday for more...

Crystal Castles - Baptism

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Killing Joke live @ Gagarin 205 (Athens, Oct. 8, 2010)

Shortly after 11 the black-clad jester takes to the stage and starts his whirling mad dance with a gleeful grin on his face. The first notes of "Tomorrow's World" from Killing Joke’s 1980 eponymous post-punk manifesto vibrate the air and Jaz Coleman starts shaking in sync with the primitive beat, while welcoming the Gatherers to the maiden Athenian Gathering that is finally a reality. It’s been three long decades in the making, but it’s certainly better late than never.

All four original Killing Joke members are on Gagarin 205’s stage along with a new guy who’s manning the keyboards. Jeremy "Jaz" Coleman with his booming voice is the center of attention in the role of Master of Ceremonies - Preacher - Mad Jester; Kevin "Geordie" Walker, to his right, is the epitome of cool with his amazing ability to nonchalantly unleash the most lethal guitar riffs with seemingly minimum effort; Martin "Youth" Glover with his white unwrinkled jacket is pacing in front of the drums or stepping up to the left mike to add backing vocals while providing foundation-shaking basslines, and "Big" Paul Ferguson lets loose relentless, tribal rhythms with mechanical precision whilst also contributing vocals.

 The ceremony proceeds with Killing Joke’s most commercial moment from the '80s, the unusually melodic and dancefloor friendly "Love like Blood", followed by "In Excelsis", a first taster from their latest album "Absolute Dissent", which is the reason for bringing the band back on the road. Unlike many bands that reunite just for the cash and offer nothing more than nostalgia for the good ol' days, Killing Joke are back because they have something new to say. And tonight they say it with 8 of their latest tracks off their 13th album, a work that’s characterized by the same fire and passion that was present from day one, when Killing Joke were coming out of London’s post-punk scene in the late '70s and unleashing their seminal debut some 30 years ago - an album that is also heavily featured in tonight's set with no less than seven out of its nine tracks.

Apart from set opener "Tomorrow's World", we are also treated to stunning renditions of "Wardance", "Bloodsport", "Change", "Requiem", "The Wait" and "Complications" from the first "Killing Joke", while the '80s are also represented by early single "Pssyche", "The Fall Of Because" and "Madness" from "What's This For?", and "Eighties" off "Night Time" with its Nirvana-inspiring riff. Highlights from the new album included "The Great Cull" and "Fresh Fever from the Skies", while "This World Hell" with its relentless industrial-speed metal beat is their latest track that’s most likely to make Metallica green with envy. New single "European Super State" on the other hand is a joyous call to arms which encourages the "proud descendants of Plato" (Jaz is pointing to us as he sings it) to rise up and get their country off the hands of bankers and big corporations (“when food prices are going up and wages are going down, what do you do?” he asks rhetorically between songs). The band’s second eponymous album from 2003 is represented with the thunderous "Asteroid", while the '90s (not their best period) are remembered only by the mighty "Pandemonium" which brings Killing Joke’s triumphant first appearance in Athens to a close after an hour and 45 minutes. My only, minor, quibble? No tracks off "Fire Dances", one of my all-time favorite Killing Joke records, as I was telling you before.

Set list:

1. Tomorrow's World
2. Love Like Blood
3. In Excelsis
4. Wardance
5. Absolute Dissent
6. Bloodsport
7. Change
8. European Super State
9. This World Hell (Die, Long Pig!)
10. The Fall Of Because
11. Ghost of Ladbroke Grove
12. Madness
13. Requiem
14. Eighties
15. The Great Cull
16. Fresh Fever From The Skies
17. Asteroid
18. Depthcharge
19. The Wait
20. Pssyche

21. Complications
22. Pandemonium

Killing Joke - The Wait, live @ Gagarin 205 (Athens, Oct.8, 2010)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Cool Music Central Radio - Broadcasting now on MySpace

"It's the new thing!" playlist by ody

Check out our latest playlist on MySpace featuring brand new tracks by Warpaint, The Hundred In The Hands, Glasser, Salem, Blonde Redhead, Interpol, Broken Social Scene, Crocodiles, Japandroids, No Age, Grinderman and Black Mountain. This is the first official transmission of the new Cool Music Central Radio, with more to follow soon.

And here is the video for the track I have selected off the Crocodiles' album "Sleep Forever" - it is "Hearts Of Love" and it rocks like The Jesus And Mary Chain on their "Surfing USA" trip. The video though is more on a "Death Valley '69" bad trip kinda vibe - not for the squirmish!

Crocodiles - Hearts Of Love

Saturday, October 02, 2010

New Releases: September 2010

Round up of the most interesting albums and singles released in September 2010 plus links to videos and free & legal promotional mp3s:


GRINDERMAN - Grinderman 2
BLONDE REDHEAD - Penny Sparkle
LES SAVY  FAV - Root for Ruin
SUPERCHUNK - Majesty Shredding
NO AGE - Everything in Between
BLACK MOUNTAIN - Wilderness Heart
BLACK ANGELS - Phosphene Dream
INTERPOL - Interpol
CROCODILES - Sleep Forever
SALEM - King Night
THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS - The Hundred In The Hands
DEERHUNTER - Halcyon Digest
OF MONTREAL - False Priest
THE THERMALS - Personal Life
THE VASELINES - Sex with an X
KILLING JOKE - Absolute Dissent
SWANS - My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky
BOSTON SPACESHIPS - Our Cubehouse Still Rocks
SMOKE FAIRIES - Through Low Light and Trees
TRICKY - Mixed Race
PETE YORN - Pete Yorn
EDWYN COLLINS - Losing Sleep
THE POSIES - Blood/Candy
WEEZER - Hurley
SHIT ROBOT - From the Cradle to the Rave
MANIC STREET PREACHERS - Postcards From A Young Man
HURTS - Happiness
DAS RACIST - Sit Down, Man


LES SAVY FAV - Let’s Get Out Of Here / Sleepless In Silverlake
DEAD WEATHER - Blue Blood Blues
WARPAINT / SISTER CRAYON - Ashes to Ashes / The Bewlay Brothers
MGMT - Congratulations
CLINIC - I'm Aware
FLYING LOTUS - Pattern + Grid World EP
UNKLE - The Answer EP
OWEN PALLETT - A Swedish Love Story EP
EGYPTIAN HIP HOP - Some Reptiles Grew Wings EP
SUMMER CAMP - Round the Moon
SPECTRALS - Peppermint
THE CORAL - More Than A Lover
FIRST AID KIT - Ghost Town
KILLING JOKE - European Superstate
THE CHARLATANS - My Foolish Pride
EDWYN COLLINS - Losing Sleep
PAUL WELLER - Fast Car/Slow Traffic / Andromeda
RPA & UNITED NATIONS OF SOUND - This Thing Called Life
WEEZER - Memories

Another September release was the tribute album to David Bowie "We Were So Turned On". One of the standout tracks is Warpaint's cover of the 1980 classic "Ashes to Ashes" which was also released as a split 7" single along with Sister Crayon's cover of "The Bewlay Brothers". At the end of this month we're expecting Warpaint's full-length debut "The Fool". Meanwhile, you can go here for a free download of "Undertow" from the upcoming LP and below you can check out the video:

Warpaint - Undertow