Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cool Music Central Radio: Introducing the Wednesday Playlist

 As the title suggests, on Wednesdays we’ll be presenting here a 12 song playlist which you’ll be able to stream on MySpace. The emphasis will be on new music but I’ll make sure to throw in a few older favorites for good measure. Click on the link below to listen to our first “dreamy” transmission of the series and continue reading for more info on the selected tracks:

O.Children may have taken their name from a Bad Seeds song but their music brings to my mind the image of Andrew Eldritch fronting Interpol. The baritone voice of singer Tobias O'Kandi dominates their sound and it’s going to be the decisive factor of whether you’re going to like them or not… Another famous baritone voice, that of Calvin Johnson, kicks off this Wednesday’s playlist with Beat Happening’s superb “Red Head Walking” from their 1991 album “Dreamy” (which, of course, is where the title of our playlist comes from)…And because I don’t want to mention the name of the dark lord Andrew Eldritch in vain, after O.Children’s “Ruins” comes the Sisters Of Mercy classic “Alice” from the early '80s, when Goth ruled the earth…Killing Joke also reigned supreme during the same period, but our recent visitors are featured here with the brand new “In Excelsis” from their 13th album “Absolute Dissent”… “Let’s Get Out Of Here”, the first single off Les Savy Fav’s recent excellent LP “Root For Ruin”, keeps noise levels in the red and opens up the way for a track from their heroes Superchunk, the 2007 single “Misfits and Mistakes” (unfortunately there are no tracks off their latest LP “Majesty Shredding” currently available on MySpace)…For even more punk rock mayhem, Superchunk’s tune is followed by Male Bonding’s cover of “Ever”, one of the most remarkable tracks in Flipper’s discography… Crystal Castles may prefer banging dance beats and electronic trickery to guitar riffs, but Alice Glass’s performance on “Baptism” is totally punk rock (check out the brand new video below)… HEALTH take their sound and our mood into dreamier realms with “USA Boys”… A dreamy realm that gets haunted by the witch-house of oOoOO and paves the way for a dance in the graveyard with High Places to the chilly beat of “On Giving Up”… And with Deerhunter’s “Revival” we bring our “dreamy” (sort of) playlist to an end - pay us a visit next Wednesday for more...

Crystal Castles - Baptism

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