Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Tracks 2: Death Valley '69

For the second installment of Vintage Tracks, the monthly, almost autobiographical series of posts where we present some of our all-time favorite tracks, we have "Death Valley '69", the 1985 single where Sonic Youth teamed up with Lydia Lunch to create a truly blood-chilling musical experience. It's also the closing track of "Bad Moon Rising", Sonic Youth's third album, and their first song to be accompanied by a video. Hearing this track on the radio was my first introduction to Sonic Youth, one of those rare moments where, after the initial shock, you realize that you've discovered something unique and special. So, although "Bad Moon Rising" is not my favorite Sonic Youth album (that would unsurprisingly be "Daydream Nation"), its final track gets the credit for creating the moment of revelation that made me a life-long fan of the band and it's their first to be inducted in our Vintage Tracks Hall Of Fame:

Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch - Death Valley '69

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