Saturday, February 20, 2010

Killer Tracks: Jail La La by Dum Dum Girls

"Jail La La" was my introduction to the blissful noisepop of Dum Dum Girls and it's been steadily growing on me ever since I first stumbled upon it here, to the point of becoming an obsession. So, before clicking and downloading the free mp3 of the track for yourself, you should seriously take into consideration its highly addictive nature and the very real possibility of developing a Dum Dum Girls habit. The track was released this week as 7" single on Sub Pop with a cover of The Rolling Stones "Play With Fire" as the B-side. Those who crave for more of their Ramones-meets-Ronettes sound should wait until the end of March when Sub Pop is releasing their debut LP "I Will Be". Here's a live performance of "Jail La La" from a gig at the Middle East in Boston:

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La, live in Boston

And here's a bit of information about the band that I've managed to piece together from various sources. Dum Dum Girls is the LA-based project of just one girl going by the stage name of Dee Dee. According to rumors that I cannot confirm or deny, Dee Dee's real name is Kristin Gundred and used to be the singer-drummer of San Diego band Grand Ole Party. The band released its only album "Humanimals" in 2007, which was produced by Rilo Kiley's Blake Sennette. Dee Dee has also collaborated with Blank Dogs, recording together as The Mayfair Set. Dum Dum Girls played one of their first ever live shows in the summer of 2009 with a line-up that included Mike Sniper (Blank Dogs) on bass, Frankie Rose (Crystal Stilts) on drums, and Brandon Welchez (Crocodiles) on guitar, who's Dee Dee's husband and her collaborator on the duet "Blank Girl". The current line-up of the band, which took shape just in time for CMJ 2009, includes Frankie Rose, Jules and Bambi, while their moniker is a tribute to The Vaselines and The Stooges.

To help us get through our Dum Dum Girls cravings until March 30th, when their Richard Gottehrer-produced and Nick Zinner-featuring debut album drops, there's the recent "Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 09" compilation that includes their track "Longhair" (along with several other equally addictive indiepop gems) and this page here where you can download the tracks "It Only Takes One Nite", "Catholicked" and "Baby Don't Go".

For more info go to: Dum Dum Girls website, MySpace or Sub Pop page.

Here's where the first part of their name comes from:

The Vaselines - Dum Dum

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