Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Highlights: Debut Albums of the Year

Before we present the list of our favorite albums of the year, let's take a closer look at some of the best debuts of 2009. After all, new bands are the future of music and they deserve our special attention. Last year almost one-third of our Top 30 consisted of first-time efforts. This year the percentage is lower, but we did have some pretty impressive debuts that will leave their mark on 2009's musical landscape. Here are our 10 favorite debut LPs of the year by new artists (meaning that we excluded the debuts of new groups that consist of already established artists like The Dead Weather or Fever Ray) based on what we've been able to listen to so far:

1. Dance mother - TELEPATHE

They say that once you're in love, you're unable to see the flaws of the object of your affection. I guess it must be true because if there were any imperfections to "Dance Mother", the David Sitek produced debut of Brooklyn newcomers Telepathe, I just wasn't able to spot them. Mind you, this is not some passing infatuation as I have been listening to this album from the start of the year and its spell remains unbroken. More about Telepathe very soon... (MySpace page)

2. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART

Another New York band that left us an excellent first impression. We've seen them live twice this year (read our Primavera Sound review here and the review of their Athens show here) and both times they knocked our sock off. Indie-pop is back, sounding as vital as ever. (MySpace page)

3. A brief history of love - THE BIG PINK

The best electro-pop album of the year with plenty of feedback to satisfy our noise needs. (MySpace page)

4. Marry me tonight - HTRK

My answer is yes, without a second thought. From Australia with love. (MySpace page)

5. Post-Nothing - JAPANDROIDS

An exciting recent discovery. Mind-blowing noise-rock from Canada. (MySpace page)

6. Dim light - GUN OUTFIT

Why this band still hasn't got the acclaim of No Age ("Dim Light" was released on PPM label which is co-run by Dean Spunt of No Age) or Japandroids is beyond me. Only seven friends on Myspace including me? This needs to change now!

7. XX - THE XX

I bet you know all about them by now. (MySpace page)


Florence Welch deserves to be a massive pop star. (MySpace page)

9. Broken side of time - ALBERTA CROSS

Neil Young-inspired epic guitar-rock. (MySpace page)

10. Baby darling doll face honey - BAND OF SKULLS

Another recent discovery. White Stripes influenced garage-rock from the UK. (MySpace page)

Listen to a playlist with tracks from our Top 10 Debuts of the Year here.

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