Friday, December 06, 2019

Live: Mark Lanegan Band @ Gagarin 205 Club (Athens, November 30, 2019)

This time it took a little longer than usual, but finally Mark Lanegan and his band returned to Athens for another great night of menacing rock 'n' roll, odes to sad disco and muddy water blues.

Dark Mark somehow managed to avoid the lights for almost the entirety of the 75-minute set (hence the poor quality of our photos), but his distinctive voice shone brightly throughout, while his band was in fine form, switching gears effortlessly from the driving electrorock of his latest material ("Disbelief Suspension", "Stitch It Up", "Night Flight to Kabul", "Penthouse High") to the haunting blues ballads of songs like "Burning Jacob's Ladder", "Bleeding Muddy Water" or "One Hundred Days".

In short, another great rock night courtesy of the Mark Lanegan Band, where the only complaint one might have is that it didn't last longer, despite the enthusiastic cheering that met the ending of "Harborview Hospital", the only song of the encore. It was certainly a pleasure though, and we're already looking forward to the next time.

Have a listen below to "Ode to Sad Disco" and check out the set list of the Gagarin 205 show:

Mark Lanegan Band - Ode to Sad Disco (live @ Gagarin 205, Athens, November 30th, 2019)

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