Sunday, September 29, 2019

Live: The Murder Capital @ Death Disco (Athens, September 26th, 2019

It's only been a month since Dublin indie rockers The Murder Capital released their excellent debut album "When I Have Fears" and, as their sold out gig at Death Disco last Thursday showed, they already have an enthusiastic fan base in Athens. And rightly so, as the young quintet may only have nine songs in its set list at the moment, but the passion and urgency of the delivery makes the live experience thoroughly fulfilling.

Coming out of the gate with all guns blazing, The Murder Capital started with "For Everything", the explosive lead track of their album, and continued full speed ahead with "Don't Cling To Life". The more measured pace of "Love, Love Love" and the icy atmospherics of the two-part "Slow Dance", which brings to mind the darker side of Joy Division, restored balance after the off-the-rails start.

The dark ballad "On Twisted Ground" was the uneasy calm before the storm which was sure to come for the impressive final part of the show. "Green & Blue", "More Is less" and "Feeling Fades" which had various band members entering the mosh pit, were the perfectly chaotic conclusion to one of the best gigs we've witnessed this year by a great young band which promises a brighter tomorrow for the battered rock'n'roll cause!

Check out below The Murder Capital performing their excellent single "Green & Blue" at their debut Athens gig which opened by local acts Screaming Fly and Church of the Sea:

Screaming Fly, live @ Death Disco (Sept. 26th, 2019)

The Murder Capital - Green & Blue (live in Athens)

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