Sunday, July 10, 2016

Top 40 Albums of the first half of 2016

As we leave behind the first half of 2016, it's a good time to stop for a breather and have another listen to the albums that stood out for us among the many new releases of the year so far.

The 40 albums that follow are those we have played the most over the past six months or, for the newer ones, those we think we'll be listening to a lot in the near future. It's also worth noting that there is no ranking order in this list; there will be plenty of time to think about that in December's final reckoning. However the order of presentation is not totally random, so near the top you'll find those albums that impressed us the most in the first half of 2016 and which are most likely to feature among our top selections at the end of the year.

The three covers we have chosen to feature before unveiling our list say all we are going to say at this point about which albums we think are the best candidates for the title "Best album of 2016 so far". Of course there were plenty of other excellent releases to consider but here are the 40 long-players that did it for us:

Top 40 Albums of January - June 2016

  • Adore life - SAVAGES
  • Teens of denial - CAR SEAT HEADREST
  • Is the is are - DIIV
  • Human performance - PARQUET COURTS
  • The hope six demolition project - PJ HARVEY
  • The glowing man - SWANS
  • City sun eater in the river of light - WOODS
  • Plaza - QUILT
  • Not to disappear - DAUGHTER
  • A moon shaped pool - RADIOHEAD
  • Blackstar - DAVID BOWIE
  • A man alive - THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY
  • United crushers - POLIÇA
  • Distance inbetween - THE CORAL
  • Next thing - FRANKIE COSMOS
  • Paradise - WHITE LUNG
  • Patch the sky - BOB MOULD
  • Emotional mugger - TY SEGALL
  • Jet plane and oxbow - SHEARWATER
  • Painting with - ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
  • Ash & ice - THE KILLS
  • Chaosmosis - PRIMAL SCREAM
  • The waiting room - TINDERSTICKS
  • Strangers - MARISSA NADLER
  • Funs cool - THE PRETTIOTS
  • Mass Gothic - MASS GOTHIC
  • Human ceremony - SUNFLOWER BEAN
  • Everything you've come to expect - THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS
  • Life of pause - WILD NOTHING
  • Hold/Still - SUUNS
  • Stiff - WHITE DENIM
  • Pool - PORCHES
  • Tell me if you like to - SPRING KING
  • Sun Kil Moon / Jesu - SUN KIL MOON / JESU
  • Pussy's dead - AUTOLUX
  • X-communicate - KRISTIN KONTROL

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