Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Review: The Old School

Last week we presented our favorite Debuts of the Year. However, taking a look at the long list of albums under consideration for our Top 50 of the Year (almost ready, wait for it!), I find that a significant percentage comes from bands with a long history. Some of them have never stopped recording, others reappeared after a long absence, some have all or most of their original members and others have a rotating lineup that serves the vision of the band leader. All of them, though, have a history that goes back at least twenty years and in 2015 have produced great records that even if they don’t surpass their best work, they are certainly important additions in their remarkable discography.

Here are 2015’s Top 15 Albums from the Old School of Rock:

1.  Untethered Moon - BUILT TO SPILL
2.  No  Cities To Love - SLEATER-KINNEY
3.  The Magic Whip - BLUR
4.  Ones and Sixes - LOW
5.  "Freedom Tower" - No Wave Dance Party 2015 - THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION
6.  Sub-lingual Tablet - THE FALL
7.  Silver Bullets - THE CHILLS
8.  Ghost Notes - VERUCA SALT
9.  Works for Tomorrow - ELEVENTH DREAM DAY
10. Heartbreak Pass - GIANT SAND
11. Wire - WIRE
12. Music Complete - NEW ORDER
13. Pylon - KILLING JOKE
14. Stuff like that there - YO LA TENGO

Built To Spill - Living Zoo

Coming up next week in our 2015 review: The Tracks of the Year.

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