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Live: White Fence @ An Club (Athens, February 5, 2015)

Tim Presley has been releasing music as White Fence since 2010 while his past also includes the psychedelic rock band Darker My Love and hardcore punks The Nerve Agents. However, for some of us, one of the most impressive entries in his bio is his participation in The Fall around 2006 and his contribution to the recording of "Reformation Post TLC", album number 26 in Mark E Smith’s band's illustrious career.

Of course, after having the opportunity to see him in action with his main band of the last 5 years, we can stop humming for a minute "Fall Sound" and focus on the catchy psychedelic pop sounds of last year’s "For The Recently Found Innocent", the sixth White Fence LP, as well as the more raw sounding psychedelic garage tunes of previous records like "Cyclops Reap", "Family Perfume" or "White Fence Is Growing Faith".

The band’s 80-minute set at An Club, White Fence’s first ever Athens gig, included tracks from almost all of the releases of their very prolific 5-year run and it was a truly fine introduction into Presley’s music world which is firmly rooted into the sound of the psychedelic '60s. His band currently includes also Cate Le Bon on guitar and backing vocals and it will certainly be very interesting to see what her influence might be on the album they have been recently recording together.

Alien Mustangs from Thessaloniki opened for White Fence and left good impressions with their slow-burning psychedelic rock grooves. You can download their recent EP "River" for free on their bandcamp page here.

Alien Mustangs, live @ An Club (Feb. 5th, 2014)
Check out below White Fence performing "Wolf Gets Red Faced" and "And by Always" from their Athens gig:

White Fence - Wolf Gets Red Faced, live @ An Club

White Fence - And by Always, live @ An Club

White Fence's An Club set list:

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