Saturday, January 17, 2015

C.M.C. Reloaded: Let's "Begin Again"


New Year and a New Start for Cool Music Central

As we are coming close to the end of our seventh year on Blogger (incredibly enough, our very first post here was on March 6, 2008!), C.M.C. is about to enter Phase III of its online existence.

A little history first: Phase I of Cool Music Central started as a fun experiment sometime in the summer of 1999, a single webpage hosted on Netscape websites which featured our first of many to come "Best Albums of the Month" list. 

We continued with monthly updated lists of favorite albums and tracks accompanied by my rants and raves on new music, while all the years from 1980 and onwards got a "Best of the Year" album list featured on a separate webpage, jokingly titled Cool Music Database (all of which, of course, you can now find here). More pages with festival reviews were added as well, so the original webpage started to look like a proper mini-site.

Fast-forward to 2008: a few months before the shutdown of Netscape websites, our transition to Blogger had started with that first post, which was actually exactly like one of the "rants 'n' raves" I used to post to the old site. Phase II had begun...

January 17, 2015: With an appropriately titled brand new track by Purity Ring, the very fine "Begin Again" from their upcoming sophomore album "Another Eternity" (out early March on 4AD), and a slightly different look, Phase III of Cool Music Central is about to begin!

"What's new?" you will ask, of course. The main difference is that we're going to increase the number of monthly posts but the focus will always be on the music and not the written word. As a famous quote goes, "writing about music is like dancing about architecture" and I fully subscribe to that. You will still be able to find my rants and raves about new music (or my "dances about architecture") in the "Listening Habits" series of posts which will continue on a regular basis, but mostly we'll be featuring the music that gets us excited, whether it's a brand new song like the one we've chosen today or an oldie we'd like to share with you, without much commentary. The music will speak for itself, we will just be the curators of the evolving narrative.

So, let's start creating the soundtrack of 2015... the needle has just dropped on the first track and I do like the way it sounds. How about you?

Purity Ring - Another Eternity

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