Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lee Ranaldo, live @ Parnassos (Athens, October 27, 2014)

Lee Ranaldo's work with Sonic Youth has played a major role in shaping noise rock as we know it. In the years following Sonic Youth's hiatus, we have come to know a much different side to Ranaldo's song writing talent, as his last two solo records, "Between The Times & The Tides" and "Last Night On Earth" found inspiration from the classic rock and folk of his teenage years.

With his latest release, the album "Acoustic Dust" featuring acoustic recordings captured in an apartment in Barcelona, Ranaldo has stripped his songs down to the bare essentials and for the shows he currently plays in support of this record, he has gone as minimal as it gets: just an acoustic guitar and his voice.

Despite this simple acoustic setting, Ranaldo's performance is still electrifying and his songs retain their weight and resonance, making the transition from their loud, electric incarnations to this evening's quiet folk renditions seem natural. The stories that Ranaldo tells about them as he introduces each song, make the intimate show seem more like a gathering of friends where childhood memories are shared and thoughts are expressed through simple but moving music.

The end of the 90-minute set that included highlights from both his solo records and a cover of Neil Young's "Revolution Blues" left his audience satisfied and happy to have witnessed this very different side to Lee Ranaldo's work: from Loud, he has now gone to Quiet. Does this mean that Loud is going to follow again soon? Let's wait and see...

 Lee Ranaldo - Tomorrow Never Comes (live @ Parnassos Literary Club - video by lemonostiftis)

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