Sunday, March 23, 2014

Found Sound Vol.13

Found Sound, the post series bringing you the best new music we discover through your helpful suggestions and submissions, gets to lucky number 13! In this edition, we have new releases by artists from Greece, Italy, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the UK. Let’s start from the south and work our way to the north:

Plastic Flowers - Vicious Victims

Plastic Flowers formed three years ago in Thessaloniki, Greece, by Giorgos Samaras and Aggelos Pashalidis. The dream pop duo has just released its debut LP titled "Evergreen" on Inner-Ear Records and Crash Symbols, and "Vicious Victims", a melodic, '80s-synthpop influenced gem, is its opening track. The album, which was recorded by using various vintage analog synths, drum machines and lots of cheap guitar amps in less than two months during the summer of 2013, also features collaborations with New Yorker Ed Askew (on the track "Love is Above All") and local heroes Keep Shelly in Athens (on "Ghosts"). Check it out here.

Schonwald - Fuchsia

Schonwald may have a Germanic sounding name but they come from Ravenna, Italy. Alessandra and Luca create an atmospheric, minimalist sound that draws inspiration from '80s synth-pop and new wave. The dark, ominous sounding "Fuchsia" is their latest song in a discography that also includes the 7" single "Mercurial" on Chicago label HoZac Records, the album "Amplified Nature" on Pocket Heaven Records and this excellent cover of The Cure's "A Forest".

Für Immer - Wrapped in Plastic

Another Germanic sounding band name, but Für Immer are actually a trio from Dublin, Ireland. Rachel, Stephen and Paul formed the band in January 2010 with a view to combining innovative visuals and heartfelt music in the face of a recession gripped Ireland. The track "Wrapped in Plastic" which brings to mind the chilling beauty of the Twin Peaks theme song, is one of the highlights off their recently released debut album "March", currently available as a free download here. You can also get yourself a beautiful looking physical copy of the album from here.

Postcode - Losing The Battle

Postcode are a five-piece band from the Isle of Man and "Losing The Battle" comes from their third album "Zebratronic". This record was conceived at a time when the band was incomplete and was recorded by Mikie Daugherty and Marie Reynolds utilizing drum machines, synths, guitars, screwdrivers, drumsticks and an increased deployment of slide to create a new, more experimental sound. The album is released by Small Bear Records and is available as a pay-what-you-like download from here.

Dead Fader - In Cover 

New 12" single by UK electronic experimentalist John Cohen, a.k.a. Dead Fader. "In Cover" is released by Robot Elephant Records and is available as a download and limited edition vinyl from here. The single is just an appetizer for the main course as Dead Fader has two full length album releases in store for us ("Blood Forest" and "Scorched") this April. Check out more sounds from Dead Fader here.

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