Sunday, February 16, 2014

Found Sound Vol.12

Sounds from the underground for the adventurous music fan: Found Sound brings you the best new music we find in our mailbox and if the submissions that keep on coming can maintain the same level of quality and quantity we’ve enjoyed recently, this irregular series of posts may well turn into a monthly thing. Looking forward to the next batch - meanwhile here’s the twelfth edition of Found Sound featuring Egg Hell, Dead Leaf Echo, Lakefield, Clouder, Hot Wives and Gretchen Lohse.

Egg Hell - Suffering

"Suffering" is one of the standout tracks on Egg Hell's debut album "Once Part Of A Whole Ship". The Athens, Greece, based indie-pop band is led by Sao Paulo-born Jef Maarawi and offers memorable melodies that travel in an ocean of agitated guitars bringing to mind early Radiohead. Listen to the whole adventure here.

Dead Leaf Echo - true.deep.sleeper

Last April we had presented here Dead Leaf Echo's debut LP "Thought & Language". The New York shoegazing collective returns on February 25 with the four-song EP "true.deep.sleeper", mixed by Monte Vallier (Soft Moon, Weekend), and a series of dates including shows at SXSW in March. Listen to the title track above and expect a second album in the near future as the band has already began working on it.

Lakefield - Good Guy

"Good Guy" is taken from Lakefield's "Swan Songs" EP, literally the Vancouver, BC, band's swan song as this is their final release. To use their own words: "Swan Songs is the result of a blood promise between the five of us, to deliver one final wholehearted performance amidst our death throes. We consider it our most vital work; a perfect portrait of our band at its very end.". The EP was released on February 14th and you can get it from here.

Clouder - Lost In Reverie

"Lost In Reverie" is the first single from Clouder's sophomore album, "Sister Raygun", due out March 4th. The song's dark and urgent sound brings to mind the fertile mix of psychedelic rock and punk that bloomed in the US underground of the '80s.

Hot Wives - Hand That Bites the Feed

More '80s influenced distorted rock, this time from Atlanta, Georgia, four-piece Hot Wives whose influences include bands like Scratch Acid, The Stooges, the Bad Seeds and the Minutemen. "Hand That Bites the Feed" comes from the band's first EP "This Man Refused to Open His Eyes".

Bonus track:
Gretchen Lohse - Spider at the Gate

We've already talked about Gretchen Lohse and her enchanting solo debut "Primal Rumble" on the previous edition of Found Sound. We're signing off Volume 12 with her brand new video for the album track "Spider at the Gate" which made its premier at the end of last week - enjoy:

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