Friday, February 01, 2013

The Twilight Sad, live @ KooKoo, (Athens, January 31, 2013)

The Twilight Sad’s tour for their third album "No One Can Ever Know" brought the Scottish indie rockers for the first time in Greece for three shows, the first of which took place at Athens’ KooKoo bar on Thursday.

The Glasgow five-piece combines post rock’s wall-of-sound guitar noise with a rhythm section that takes its cue from Joy Division’s more upbeat moments to create ambitious, epic-sounding songs, colored by James Graham's heavy Scottish accent. The new record’s material has added industrial and electronic music elements to the mix, creating an even more adventurous listening experience.

The dynamic, hour-long set comprised material from all three of the band’s records and although their fans would certainly want to hear a few more, there is no doubt that the ten songs they played gave a fair representation of The Twilight Sad’s path so far. The fact that some of the best moments of their show ("Don't Move", "Dead City") came from the new record, proves that their move into electronic-influenced musical territory is paying off handsomely and there is a good chance their best work still lays ahead of them.

The Twilight Sad, live @ KooKoo
The Twilight Sad - Dead City, live @ KooKoo (Athens, Jan. 31, 2013)

The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a spirited performance from Nalyssa Green and her band. The silky-voiced, indie pop songstress presented songs from her new work, "The Seed", as well as her debut album "Barock". An enchanting, melodic opening to a night that was about to get very loud and noisy (listen to Nalyssa's sounds here).

Nalyssa Green, live @ KooKoo

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