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2012 Review: Top 60 Albums of the Year (31 to 60)

Last year we published the first version of our year-end album list around Christmas. This time we decided to wait until the very last day of the year before we press the "publish" button, to make sure that as few as possible of the latest incoming records were left out. Seeing the amount of last minute additions to the list, I think it was a good call. Of course there will always going to be a few omissions and this is exactly the reason why we also keep a blog exclusively for our "Best of the Year" lists. To find the final, up-to-date version of any of our year-end lists, just look it up in Cool Music Database - the process of discovery is continuous!

If, however, we momentarily freeze this process on this day, the last of the year, the result we're getting is the list we present to you here and now. Today we are unveiling the second half of Cool Music Central's 60 favorite albums of 2012 plus a few more that deserve a mention and we'll start 2013 with the Top 30. Keep in mind that EPs, compilations and reissues are excluded from this list.

Here are the albums from 31 to 60:

Top 60 Albums of 2012: 31 - 60

31. Django Django - DJANGO DJANGO
32. Synthetica - METRIC
34. Ekstasis - JULIA HOLTER
35. Between the times and the tides - LEE RANALDO
36. Kill my blues - CORIN TUCKER BAND
37. Europe - ALLO DARLIN'
38. Nocturne - WILD NOTHING
39. The haunted man - BAT FOR LASHES
40. Sweet heart, sweet light - SPIRITUALIZED
41. Circles - MOON DUO
42. R.A.P. music - KILLER MIKE
43. The money store - DEATH GRIPS
45. Endless flowers - CROCODILES
46. The only place - BEST COAST
47. Animal joy - SHEARWATER
48. Nootropics - LOWER DENS
49. Centipede Hz - ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
50. Interstellar - FRANKIE ROSE
51. Manifest! - FRIENDS
52. Toy - TOY
53. The horror - POP. 1280
54. Strapped - THE SOFT PACK
56. Heaven - THE WALKMEN
57. Port of morrow - THE SHINS
58. Researching the blues - REDD KROSS
59. Confess - TWIN SHADOW
60. Hospitality - HOSPITALITY

What else we liked: Sees the light - LA SERA, Let's go eat the factory - GUIDED BY VOICES, Class clown spots a UFO - GUIDED BY VOICES, With Siinai: Heartbreaking bravery - MOONFACE, Clay class - PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL, Future this - THE BIG PINK, Master of my make-believe - SANTIGOLD, Four - BLOC PARTY, In the belly of the brazen bull - THE CRIBS, In time to voices - BLOOD RED SHOES, Something - CHAIRLIFT, Quarantine - LAUREL HALO

And here's just a small sample of the albums that we need to give a few more spins before we can decide where they fit in the big picture of 2012: Oshin - DIIV, Zeros - THE SOFT MOON, Melody's Echo Chamber - MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER, Shields - GRIZZLY BEAR, Until the quiet comes - FLYING LOTUS, Banks - PAUL BANKS, The north - STARS, Don't be a stranger - MARK EITZEL, Coexist - THE XX, Beard, wives, denim - POND, Silencio - LAETITIA SADIER...and the list goes on!

We're signing off for 2012 with our current favorite video (and our last jam of the year), a short fashion film created for The Defiant based on Purity Ring's song "Obedear". Purity Ring have made our favorite debut album of 2012 and, as you can easily guess, they are going to be a part of our next post! Stay tuned for the Top 30... time to get that champagne on ice. Happy New Year!

 Purity Ring - Obedear

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