Saturday, February 25, 2012

1990: Top 50 Singles

Our '90s flashback is about to begin! Last year we revisited our favorite singles of the '80s with a monthly series of posts featuring our Top 50 lists for each year of the decade as well as playlists where you could listen to most of these 500 tracks.

Between now and November 2012 (just in time for the Mayan Apocalypse!) we are going to choose another 500 remarkable singles, this time from the '90s, and create playlists with the music we like to remember from this period.

For the first installment of our '90s Singles project, we have the Top 50 of 1990, the year that the Madchester sound reigned supreme, Shoegazers flooded our ears with sweet noise and the American underground rock scene was revving its engines loudly as it was about to overtake the mainstream. Meanwhile, My Bloody Valentine who were getting closer to the end of the two-year gestation period that gave us "Loveless", released in April of that year the "Glider" EP on Creation Records (Sire for USA), showing us that they were not immune to the charms of the dance-rock crossover. And with "Soon", they proved that they could do it better - and dreamier - than anyone else:

My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Glider EP)

Here's 1990's Top 10 Singles - for the complete Top 50 click here:

  2. Kool Thing - SONIC YOUTH
  3. Telephone Thing - THE FALL
  4. Heavenly Pop Hit - THE CHILLS
  5. Jacket Hangs - THE BLUE AEROPLANES
  7. The Wagon - DINOSAUR JR.
  8. Everything Flows - TEENAGE FANCLUB
  9. Velouria - PIXIES
  10. Sliver - NIRVANA
And here's the (almost complete) 1990 Singles playlist:

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