Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keep Shelly In Athens vs. Soft Metals

This might have been The Fall Week here in Cool Music Central but that doesn't mean we've stopped listening to new music. Actually, a recent visit to my local record shop not only resulted in the enrichment my record collection with a couple of new vinyl gems, but it has also changed the soundtrack of my weekend to something a bit more electronic, laid-back and sexy.

Hit the play button to listen:

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream EP (Forest Family)

The new 12" by Athens, Greece synth-pop act Keep Shelly In Athens is as beautiful as the exquisite photo on the cover suggests. The vinyl inside, one of 500 in existence, is also a thing of beauty in itself. The six tracks on it offer a magical mix of mostly down-tempo, chill-out grooves with ethereal melodies and a strong pop sensibility while Sharah's vocals is the secret ingredient that makes their recipe so special. Check out "Lazy Noon", one of their finest tunes to date, and the title track below (free mp3s for both here):

   Keep Shelly in Athens - Lazy Noon by Keep Shelly in Athens

   Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream by Keep Shelly in Athens

Soft Metals - Soft Metals (Captured Tracks)

Soft Metals is an electronic duo from Portland, Oregon now residing in Los Angeles, California and comprising of Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall. The pair introduced themselves last year with the 5 track EP "The Cold World Melts" and now they are returning with their self-titled debut album, one of the finest synth-pop releases of the year.

The ten tracks on offer here draw inspiration from all sorts of electronic music, mainly from the '70s and '80s, while the crucial touch of new wave's dark aesthetic is also added for good measure (their first ever recording was a cover of Siouxsie And The Banshees' "Red Light"). From Kraftwerk and early industrial music to film soundtracks like Vangelis' "Blade Runner" score, from italo-disco to Detroit techno and minimal synth, all these influences and more find a way to weave themselves into Soft Metals' sexually charged music. The end result is nothing less than captivating and breathtakingly beautiful. Lose yourself in their soft metallic kiss below:

   Soft Metals- Soft Metals (album 2011) by SOFT METALS

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