Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Found Sound 2: Hold Kiss Kill, Ritualz vs. Fostercare, Scumbag Philosopher, Love Of Everything

In the second installment of Found Sound we have an interesting mix of buzzing guitars, weird electronics, oddball humor and peculiar, yet catchy time signatures. Not to mention a very fresh bonus track (made its debut today at P4K) by our favorite girl group. Let's dive right in:

Hold Kiss Kill - Death Pleasures

   HOLD KISS KILL-'Death Pleasures' by HOLD KISS KILL

Hold Kiss Kill's debut single "Our Last Waltz" was an instant favorite of this blog back in February and it also made it in our Top 40 Tracks of the Year so far. "Death Pleasures" along with "Neon Girls" comprise the band's recently released second 7 inch / digital download and continues exactly where that killer first single left off. Expect even louder My Bloody Valentine-type guitars with dreamy vocal melodies trying to rise to the surface only to be drowned in the beautiful chaos.

†‡† (Ritualz) vs. Fostercare - III / Low

   Ritualz vs. Fostercare by Robot Elephant Records

Just as I thought that everything was getting suspiciously quiet on the Witch House front, here comes a split album by two of the most impressive acts on last year's excellent "Isvolt" compilation: Fostercare a.k.a. Brooklynite Marc Jason, and the mysterious †‡† (or Ritualz for those who cannot read hieroglyphics) from Mexico. "†‡† vs. Fostercare" is out at the beginning of September on Robot Elephant Records, meanwhile here's a first taste from the LP with Fostercare's spooky electro track "Low" and  Ritualz's techno-industrial instrumental "III", a track that seems to have escaped from the soundtrack of "Blade Runner".

Scumbag Philosopher - God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead

   God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead by scumbagphilosopher

Somehow I get the feeling that the members of Scumbag Philosopher are not huge Radiohead fans but they do have a taste for The Fall who they recently supported on a UK tour. The hilarious single "God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead" comes from the witty LP "It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing" which will be appreciated by fans of post-punk speak-singing who were disappointed by Eddie Argos's recent turn to plain simple singing on the latest Art Brut offering. Also recommended to those who remember fondly the mid-'90s Prolapse records or the late '80s period of I, Ludicrous.

Love Of Everything - Three Way Answers

   Love of Everything - Three Way Answers by Polyvinyl Records

"Three Way Answers" is the opening track of Love Of Everything's forthcoming 4-track single "Sooner I Wish". The band is the solo project of Joan of Arc bassist Bobby Burg whose recent divorce was the source of inspiration for the bittersweet yet very catchy guitar melodies that you're going to hear in his latest release.

And the bonus, come-down track: Give an email in the widget below and get "Coming Down", the first taste from the forthcoming, sophomore Dum Dum Girls' LP "Only in Dreams". Mark your calendars - the highly anticipated record is expected September 27:


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