Saturday, May 21, 2011

1982: Top 50 Singles

Another blast from the past from Cool Music Database: the list with our 50 favorite singles from 1982 can be found over there, while here you can press the widget's play button below and listen to them all.

If you also check out the list of our Top Albums from that same year, you can easily understand that 1982 was the year of The Jam for me. Paul Weller's band started the year with its third UK No.1 single, the double A-side "Town Called Malice / Precious" released on January 29, continued with the excellent, soul and funk influenced sixth album "The Gift" which also reached the top spot in their country, and closed it with the shock announcement of their leader's decision to split up the band at the height of its popularity. Weller's ever-changing moods led him to the eclectic pop of The Style Council and, to his credit, he never gave in to the temptation of reforming his legendary band, stating that "The Jam's music still means something to people and a lot of that's because we stopped at the right time, it didn't go on and become embarrassing" - words of wisdom, indeed.

The Jam - Town Called Malice

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