Monday, April 25, 2011

1981: Top 50 Singles

After completing the presentation of the lists with all of our favorite albums from the late '70s to the present date in Cool Music Database, I have recently started a new monthly series of posts there with our Top 50 Singles from each year, starting with 1980 last month. The latest list with our selections for 1981 can be found here and, thanks to this nifty Grooveshark widget, can also be streamed below:

Check out also below The Gun Glub giving a killer performance of our Top 1981 tune "Sex Beat", taken from the Cherry Red "Psycho Cats" DVD: 

The Gun Club - Sex Beat (live)

And since Blurt's obscure but excellent single "The Fish Needs a Bike" is the only track missing from the widget (it's replaced by The Replacement's first 7" "I'm in Trouble", a perfectly formed punk ditty that prepared us for the greater things that were to come from them), hear it below in all its glorious madness:

 Blurt - The Fish Needs A Bike

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