Monday, May 15, 2017

Live: Wovenhand @ Fuzz Club (Athens, May 13th, 2017)

The release last year of their eighth album, the powerful "Star Treatment", paved the way for Wovenhand's return to Athens for a sixth time. Once again David Eugene Edwards and his band led us on a musical journey to a strange place where the Old Testament meets the Old West and rock 'n' roll is the path to a higher spiritual level.

The four-piece band walked on stage to the sounds of tribal rhythms (while seconds before we were listening to The Fall's "Hit The North" coming from the venue's PA!) and started their incantations with "Hiss" from previous album "Refractory Obdurate".

This imposing start opened the way for a storming set which was largely based on the new album including tracks like "Crystal Palace", "The Hired Hand", "The Quiver" and the superb "Crook and Flail" with its infectious, eastern-influenced melody, along with a few more selections from "Refractory Obdurate".

As always Edwards presence and commanding voice was the epicenter of Wovenhand's fervent performance, while the three musicians that accompanied him did an excellent job building up the rock storm that engulfed us for an hour and a half.

The show came to an end with a scorching three-song encore that included "Five by Five", "Low Twelve" and "King O King" which marked the triumphant finale of another epic performance from a band that has rightfully earned a place among the favorites of the local gig-goers.

As an added bonus, before Wovenhand's show we had the chance to enjoy a brief acoustic set by another Sargent House recording artist, Emma Ruth Rundle. A recent injury kept her on a chair for the duration of her half hour set but her voice was in fine form, as she presented her folk-based, atmospheric songs (listen to her solo catalogue here).

Emma Ruth Rundle, live @ Fuzz Club (Athens, May 13th, 2017)

Check out below Wovenhand performing "Crook and Flail" and "Crystal Palace", and Emma Ruth Rundle in "Living with the Black Dog" from their joint gig at Fuzz Club:

Wovenhand - Crook and Flail (live @ Fuzz Club, Athens)

Wovenhand - Crystal Palace (live @ Fuzz Club, Athens)

Emma Ruth Rundle - Living with the Black Dog (live @ Fuzz Club, Athens)

Blast from the past: see here what we had to say about Wovenhand's gig at An Club in November 2009!

Wovenhand, live @ Fuzz Club (Athens, May 13th, 2017)

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