Thursday, May 04, 2017

Live: Chelsea Wolfe @ Piraeus 117 Academy (Athens, April 29, 2017)

Chelsea Wolfe's first ever live performance in Athens took place at Piraeus 117 Academy and it was the highlight of the two-day Smoke the Fuzz Fest, an indoor mini festival which also featured  :Skull & Dawn:, Oathbreaker and Amenra.

Wolfe and her three band mates presented an impressive 70-minute set largely based on her last album, 2015's "Abyss", her heaviest and probably best work to date which combines expertly gothic folk melodies and dark, distorted metal power. A few songs from previous album "Pain Is Beauty" completed the set, along with a couple of new ones ("The Culling" and "Static Hum") and "Pale on Pale" from 2011's "Apokalypsis".

The best moments of the main set included a climactic, powerful rendition of "After the Fall" as well as "Carrion Flowers" and "We Hit a Wall" (which you can watch below). The night came to a close with an encore featuring "House of Metal" and "Survive", the haunting melody of the first leading the way for the noisy finale of the second, a fitting recap of Wolfe's dark, commanding sound.

Chelsea Wolfe's complete set: Feral Love, Carrion Flowers, Dragged Out, The Culling, We Hit a Wall, After the Fall, Simple Death, Iron Moon, Static Hum, Pale on Pale. Encore: House of Metal, Survive.

Chelsea Wolfe - We Hit a Wall (live in Athens, Smoke the Fuzz Fest, April 29, 2017)

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