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2015 Review: Top 50 Albums of the Year

Happy 2016 to all! We will start the New Year (our 9th on Blogger, if you can believe it) in our usual way, which means it's time for our Albums of the Year list!

Especially this year, it was a good thing that we have waited until the very last day on the calendar before finalizing this list, as 10 of the 50 albums that you see below, are records we've listened to for the first time during December. This means it would have been a very different (and much weaker) list, had we rushed to publish it earlier.

However we did not have to wait this long to decide on our Album of the Year. Already at the half-way point of 2015 it was obvious that Courtney Barnett's official debut "Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit" (2013's introductory "The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas" was, as the title revealed, a compilation) was a strong candidate for this title and it would have taken something very special to surpass it. Actually Julia Holter's baroque pop masterpiece "Have You In My Wilderness" came close, but I'm a sucker for a great guitar hook and Barnett's record is brimming with those. So, despite the fact that she sings in "Pedestrian At Best" (our Single of the Year) "tell me I'm exceptional and I promise to exploit you", we are going to ignore her warnings and put her record on a pedestal with no fear of disappointment. Go ahead Courtney, make that origami, you really do deserve it!

Here are the Top 50 Albums of 2015 (and some of those that came close), based on what we were able to listen to so far (check out Cool Music Database later in the year for the final edition, as it is certain we are going to discover a few more great 2015 releases as we are going through all the other year-end lists out there):

Top 50 Albums of 2015

1.  Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit - COURTNEY BARNETT

2.  Have you in my wilderness - JULIA HOLTER

3.  No cities to love - SLEATER-KINNEY

4.  Untethered moon - BUILT TO SPILL

5.  The agent intellect - PROTOMARTYR

6.  Currents - TAME IMPALA

7.  Platform - HOLLY HERNDON

8.  Ivy tripp - WAXAHATCHEE

9.  Viet Cong - VIET CONG

10. Sun coming down - OUGHT

11. Half free - U.S. GIRLS
12. Fading frontier - DEERHUNTER
13. The expanding flower planet - DERADOORIAN
14. Depression cherry / Thank your lucky stars - BEACH HOUSE
15. Escape from evil - LOWER DENS
16. The magic whip - BLUR
17. Short movie - LAURA MARLING
18. Ones and sixes - LOW
19. Algiers - ALGIERS
20. Foil deer - SPEEDY ORTIZ
21. Silver bullets - THE CHILLS
22. Poison season - DESTROYER
23. B'lieve I'm goin down… - KURT VILE
24. Return to the moon - EL VY
25. Key markets - SLEAFORD MODS
26. "Freedom tower" - No Wave dance party 2015 - THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION
27. Sub-lingual tablet - THE FALL
28. Hinterland - LONELADY
29. Death magic - HEALTH
30. Another eternity - PURITY RING
31. Ghost notes - VERUCA SALT
32. Fast food - NADINE SHAH
33. Divers - JOANNA NEWSOM
34. Universal themes - SUN KIL MOON
35. Strangers to ourselves - MODEST MOUSE
36. Works for tomorrow - ELEVENTH DREAM DAY
37. Heartbreak pass - GIANT SAND
38. What went down - FOALS
39. My love is cool - WOLF ALICE
40. The race for space - PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING
41. To pimp a butterfly - KENDRICK LAMAR
42. I want to grow up - COLLEEN GREEN
43. Why choose - SHOPPING
44. Wire - WIRE
45. Music complete - NEW ORDER   
46. Born under Saturn - DJANGO DJANGO
47. What a terrible world, what a beautiful world - THE DECEMBERISTS
48. Dodge and burn - THE DEAD WEATHER
50. Pylon - KILLING JOKE

Bubbling under: II - METZ, Anthems for doomed youth - THE LIBERTINES, Kintsugi - DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, California nights - BEST COAST, MCIII - MIKAL CRONIN, Shadow of the sun - MOON DUO, Panda Bear meets the Grim Reaper - PANDA BEAR, Me - EMPRESS OF, Pagans in Vegas - METRIC, Edge of the sun - CALEXICO, Carrie & Lowell - SUFJAN STEVENS, Stuff like that there - YO LA TENGO, Transfixiation - A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS, Deeper - THE SOFT MOON, How big, how blue, how beautiful - FLORENCE + THE MACHINE

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