Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Playlist 2

For the second edition of our midweek playlist series we have selected music by Gang Gang Dance, Pit Er Pat, New Young Pony Club, Jen Gloeckner, The Gaa Gaa's, It Sound, Metro Decay, Twin Shadow, Wild Nothing, Warpaint, Effi Briest and Indian Jewelry. Click the link below to jump to the playlist page on MySpace and start listening:

CMC Radio: Wednesday Playlist 2 - Second Communion

Here's the details of the 12 tracks on our 47 minute mixtape:

1.  First Communion - Gang Gang Dance 
From "Saint Dymphna", one of our favorite albums of 2008.

2.  Godspot - Pit Er Pat 
From "The Flexible Entertainer", a 2010 favorite and a perfect companion to the Gang Gang Dance LP.

3.  Chaos (Rory Phillips Mix) - New Young Pony Club 
One of the singles from their second album "The Optimist". N.Y.P.C. are playing tonight in Athens and we're planing to be there - expect a complete report soon!

4.  Die (featuring Joseph Arthur) - Jen Gloeckner
Storming track off "Mouth of Mars", Jen's second album.

5.  Voltaire (Single Version) - The Gaa Gaa's
Debut single for the promising Brighton, UK band (out November 1st)

6.  I Live for the Future (All Day!) - It Sound
One of the best tracks on the forthcoming LP "Hard Pop for Blue Trees", a lo-fi treat from Jesse Damm aka It Sound. The album is out October 26 with cover art designed by Pascal Le Gras, whose handiwork has graced several album covers of The Fall over the years. Listen to it here.

7.  Skies ("Shadows") - Metro Decay
An early '80s classic single of the Greek new wave scene. It still sounds great today and it was recently re-released from Eirkti Music

8.  Slow - Twin Shadow
A brand new track from 4AD's latest signing Twin Shadow which sounds perfectly at home next to the early '80s new wave sound of Metro Decay. Download it for free here. The debut album "Forget" was released this week.

9.  Chinatown - Wild Nothing
From the 2010 album "Gemini", a treat for fans of '80s indiepop with a psychedelic '60s twist.

10. Undertow - Warpaint
Warpaint are becoming a regular fixture in our playlists. Debut full-length "The Fool" is out next week - expect heavy rotation!

11. Long Shadow - Effi Briest
Experimental psychedelic sounds and tribal rhythms from the album "Rhizomes" - the playlist comes full-circle and returns to the starting trancey mood set by Gang Gang Dance and Pit Er Pat.

12. Oceans - Indian Jewelry
The circle is complete with the opening track of Indian Jewelry's mesmerizing LP "Totaled". Come back for more next Wednesday.

Effi Briest - Long Shadow

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