Thursday, October 28, 2010

CMC Radio: Under Your Spell

Our latest midweek playlist is finally here! It's punky, it's folky, it's psychedelic and it definitely rocks in an eclectic manner (or, at least, that's what I think). Click below to get into the slaying grooves of Sleigh Bells, Dum Dum Girls, Follow That Bird, The Duke Spirit, Smoke Fairies, Esben And The Witch, Cold War Kids, Prinzhorn Dance School, Liars, The Black Angels, Social Distortion and The Distillers:

CMC Radio 3: Under Your Spell

Here's the details of the 35:35, 12-track mixtape we have put together for your listening pleasure:

1. Tell 'Em - Sleigh Bells 
From "Treats", one of the debuts of the year!

2.  Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout - Dum Dum Girls
Same here - "I Will Be" is a magnificent debut and this is their latest single.

3.  Antlers - (Live Session on WOXY) - Follow That Bird
Session track from the band that was the star of Matador's ace compilation "Casual Victim Pile". Can't wait for their debut full-length!

4.  Everybody's Under Your Spell - The Duke Spirit
Great new track from a band that deserves huge success - It's from the forthcoming EP "Kusama" and you can get it here for free!

5. Hotel Room (Radio Edit) - Smoke Fairies
New single from the well-received debut album "Through Low Light And Trees"

6. Marching Song - Esben And The Witch
 It's a Danish fairy tale and a new Matador signing as well. This is the new single from their forthcoming debut album "Violet Cries", expected 31st January 2011.

7. Royal Blue - Cold War Kids
Another 2011 preview. The Kids third album "Mine Is Yours" is coming January 24th.

8. Seed, Crop, Harvest - Prinzhorn Dance School
I have a soft spot for bands that remind me of The Fall. Get their brand new single for free here.

9. Proud Evolution - Liars
Latest single off the rocking "Sisterworld" - one of the tracks and albums of the year!

10. Bad Vibrations - The Black Angels
Standout track off the psychedelically groovy "Phosphene Dream".

11. Through These Eyes - Social Distortion
This is punk rock, baby! The SoCal legends are on the way back with a new album in 2011 titled "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes". Our selection is off 1996's "White Light, White Heat, White Trash".

12. I Understand - The Distillers
Another short, sharp punk rock shock for the finale from The Distillers' 2002 album "Sing Sing Death House".

Until the next C.M.C. Radio transmission, sometime next week (hopefully Wednesday), I leave you under the spell of Leila Moss and The Duke Spirit. Their new album is expected February 2011!

The Duke Spirit - Everybody's Under Your Spell

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