Monday, September 22, 2008

Killer Tracks: Mississippi Kite

Kristin Hersh is responsible for some of the most powerful and truly unique rock music of the last two decades, starting with the amazing Throwing Muses in the mid-80s and continuing to the present date with her adventurous solo career and 50 Foot Wave, her new band. Her songwriting is always unpredictable, covering the whole range from folk lullabies to punk screamers, sometimes even during a single song. After last year's excellent album "Learn to sing like a star", Kristin started to post a new song each month on CASH Music website which can be downloaded for free or for a small donation. These songs make up the "Speedbath" album and the latest instalment, "Mississippi Kite" (the tenth song so far), is one of the best of the bunch and our pick for inclusion in Killer Tracks, our ongoing series of posts showcasing the most special new tunes. Go here to read what Kristin has to say about it and here to download it.

And as there isn't a video for this track available yet, let's take this opportunity to watch a clip from her recent performance in Athens, playing one of her All-Time Killer Tracks, "Your Ghost":

Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost (live@Kyttaro Club, March 27, 2008)

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