Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kristin Hersh - Kyttaro Live (27/3/2008)

Kristin Hersh's first visit to Athens was a troublesome one; she had to endure a 5 hour delay to her flight from London Heathrow (thanks to the Terminal 5 fiasco) and arrive to the Kyttaro Club minutes before her appearance with all her baggage and equipment left behind. Thankfully, an acoustic guitar was found, courtesy of local singer-songwriter Simon Bloom (the fine support act of the evening) and magic did happen. Kristin is the rare short of performer that doesn't need to rely on amplification to electrify. She could sing a cappella and still create the same sort of intensity of a full-on rock band performance. The set comprised of songs not only from her illustrious solo career (Your Ghost, Cuckoo, The Letter, 37 Hours) but also from her Throwing Muses days (Snakeface, Hook in her Head and Counting Backward's excellent B-sides Same Sun and, my personal highlight of the night, Cottonmouth). An evening that started with some trouble turned into a truly memorable night. Here's a couple photos from the show:

Recommended listening: Throwing Muses (or untitled, 1986), House Tornado (1988), Hunkpapa (1989), The Real Ramona (1991), Red Heaven (1992), University (1995) by Throwing Muses, Hips and Makers (1994), Sunny Border Blue (2001), Learn to Sing Like a Star (2007) by Kristin Hersh, Golden Ocean (2005) by 50 Foot Wave.

Download her latest songs here!

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