Sunday, March 17, 2019

Live: Anna Calvi @ Acro (Athens, March 16th, 2019)

The timing of Anna Calvi's first ever appearance in Athens couldn't have been better as her most recent full-length effort, the exquisite "Hunter", is her most potent work so far and one of the best albums of last year.

With the help of just two musicians, a drummer and a keyboardist, Anna Calvi with her guitar was a force of nature on stage, unleashing lustful, primal rock energy. She opened the set with the slow burn of "Hunter" and "Indies or Paradise", building up the tension and reaching the first climax with "As A Man". Several more were to follow in a masterful hour-long set, which also included "I'll Be Your Man", "Suzanne & I" and "Desire" from her debut, "Don't Beat the Girl Out of My Boy", "Swimming Pool", "Wish" and "Alpha" from "Hunter", the last two being my highlights of the evening, while the encore ended with a powerful rendition of Suicide's "Ghost Rider", a much fiercer version than the one we know from the "Strange Weather" EP.

Undoubtedly a unique live experience from one of the most talented performers of the current decade, who we hope to meet again soon on a stage somewhere!

Check out below a few more photos from Anna Calvi's performance at Acro, plus videos of "Don't Beat the Girl Out of My Boy" and "I'll Be Your Man":

Anna Calvi - Don't Beat the Girl out of My Boy (live in Athens)

Anna Calvi - I'll Be Your Man (live in Athens)

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