Sunday, June 17, 2018

Live: Ty Segall & The Freedom Band @ Gagarin 205 (Athens, June 16th, 2018)

The last stop of Ty Segall's latest European tour took place in Athens, four years since his last appearance here.

Four years is certainly a lot of time, even more so if you take into consideration Segall's unstoppable work rate, and it seems that the combination of the good word of mouth regarding his two previous gigs here in combination with his strong recording output all this time, has increased the number of his Greek fans who almost filled Gagarin 205, the largest venue he has played so far in Athens.

It was clear from the start that Ty Segall and his band, dubbed The Freedom Band, were determined to raise the noise levels to the red and drive their psych rock sound to the limit, playing each song with conviction and brutal force. The loudness of the band proved to be a challenge for the venue's overloaded speakers, but the passion of the performance helped us to overlook the sound problems and enjoy the band's powerful performance.

Ty Segall's latest album, the excellent "Freedom's Goblin", provided several of the gig's highlights, including the Hot Chocolate cover "Every 1's a Winner", the melodic "My Lady's on Fire" and, above all, the seismic rendition of "She" that led the encore to its climax. Of course, over the nearly 90 minutes of the performance we had the chance to enjoy several older favorites like "Candy Sam" or a sped up version of "Caesar" from the 2010 album "Melted" which you can check out below. 

Without a doubt Ty Segall & The Freedom Band provided a great opening of the summer 2018 live season in Athens despite the uncharacteristically rainy weather of this weekend.

The night opened with performances by two local acts, The Bonnie Nettles who we unfortunately missed, and Chickn who presented us songs from their new album "Wowsers!", proving to be a good warm up for the rock 'n' roll extravaganza that we were about to witness.

Chickn, live @ Gagarin 205 (June 16, 2018)

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band - My Lady's On Fire, live @ Gagarin 205 (June 16, 2018)

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band - Ceasar, live @ Gagarin 205 (June 16, 2018)

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