Sunday, June 18, 2017

Killer Tracks: The 2017 Playlist Vol.2

A few weeks ago we presented a selection of ten tracks taken from some of our favorite releases of the year so far. As we are getting closer to the actual mid-point of the year, the list of excellent new albums increases and it looks that 2017 is going to be one to remember! Soon we'll have a more thorough presentation of all the albums that stood out for us in the last six months, but 'till that time comes, here are seven more great tracks you should lend an ear to, among them "Cleveland", the latest track to surface off Algiers new album "The Underside of Power", out next week, and Waxahatchee's "Silver" from the album "Out in the Storm", out on July 14th. If the strength of these two songs is any indication of what to expect from the respective LPs, them it seems we have already found two of the Albums of the Year for 2017!

Algiers - Cleveland (from the album The Underside of Power)

Waxahatchee - Silver (from the album Out in the Storm)

Priests - Pink White House (from the album Nothing Feels Natural)

Jay Som - Baybee (from the album Everybody Works)

Girlpool - It Gets More Blue (from the album Powerplant)

Cherry Glazerr - Nuclear Bomb (from the album Apocalipstick)

Amber Arcades - It Changes (from the EP Cannonball)

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