Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#BestNewMusic 2016 Vol.3

In the March edition of #BestNewMusic we are featuring tracks from the latest releases by Quilt, Autolux, Primal Scream, Bob Mould, Big Ups and The Veldt: "Roller" is taken from Quilt's third album "Plaza", one of our favorite records of the month, "Soft Scene" is the new single off "Pussy’s Dead", the first LP by Autolux since 2010 which is expected on April 1st, "Where The Light Gets In" marks the return of Primal Scream with their eleventh studio album "Chaosmosis", "Voices in My Head" heralds the arrival of the latest solo work by the legendary Bob Mould, "National Parks" introduces us to Big Ups' sophomore album "Before a Million Universes", while "Sanctified" is the opening track from The Veldt's mixtape EP "The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation", a must-hear for fans of bands like A.R. Kane or Slowdive. Have a listen:

Quilt - Roller

Autolux - Soft Scene

Primal Scream feat. Sky Ferreira - Where The Light Gets In

Bob Mould - Voices in My Head

Big Ups - National Parks

The Veldt - Sanctified

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