Sunday, October 18, 2015

Live: Goat @ Gagarin 205 (Athens, October 17, 2015)

It's Time for Fun! This was the title of Goat's latest single, but it's also a fitting description for the Swedish band's extravagant live show.

On Saturday night, Goat played their first ever Athens gig at the packed Gagarin 205 club and there is no doubt that everyone present left with a smile on their faces after witnessing the euphoric, shamanic rituals of the experimental collective. Dressed up in their exotic costumes and wearing  masks, the seven members of Goat presented songs from their two excellent albums, 2012's "World Music" and 2014's "Commune", and various singles, including the aforementioned "It's Time for Fun" and "Dreambuilding".

As great as all of these songs sound on record, on stage they gain extra dimensions, sounding bigger and better, each one an ecstatic ritual with the mission to unite performers and audience in a euphoric, altered state. After 80 minutes filled with mystic, eastern-tinged melodies, repetitive dance rhythms and psychedelic guitar grooves, Goat's mission was accomplished and we left the club with the distinct feeling that we had, indeed, talked to God, as their tune goes. Best concert of the year? Most likely!

The gig opened by the noisy, dance-rock grooves of local act Kooba Tercu. Check out their self-titled album here.

Kooba Tercu
And here's a taste from Goat's transcendent live experience: check out below "Dreambuilding", live in Athens:

Goat - Dreambuilding (live @ Gagarin 205, Athens, October 17, 2015)

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