Sunday, October 19, 2014

Found Sound Vol.14

Found Sound brings you the best new music we discover by going through our mail. The series makes its long overdue comeback with fresh sounds from Mechanimal, Children Of Leir, Bongley Dead, Mumblr, Gosh Pith and tohska. There's something for everybody, have a listen:

Mechanimal - We Come Alive

Mechanimal describe their sound as "drone 'n' roll", an inspired mixture of electronic, industrial, post-punk and krautrock music. The Athens, Greece, based group has just released its second album "Secret Science" and "We Come Alive" is the first single.

Children Of Leir - Black Annis

Black Annis, as legend has it, was a hideous blue skinned, hag-like creature that haunted The Dane Hills area of Leicester. This fearsome, human flesh-eating, monster is also the inspiration behind a fine psych rock track which will be released as a double A-side single by Children Of Leir on October 27th on 7'' vinyl. Look for it on their Bandcamp site here.

Bongley Dead - A Better Daybreak

I don't know much to tell you about Bongley Dead except that they are a quartet from Ponte Buggianese, Italy who left us a link to their third demo on the comments of our review of Ty Segall's recent gig. "A Better Daybreak" is the first track on this very promising demo that brings to mind the guitar-heavy sound of the American underground rock of the '80s.

Mumblr - Got It

"Got It" is the catchy opening track of the album "Full of Snakes", the debut of Philadelphia foursome Mumblr. The record tackles the struggles, fears, and confused emotions of transitioning from youth to adulthood, a subject matter that has given us some fine angst rock over the years. You can stream the whole album here.

Gosh Pith - Waves

A wide and varied spectrum of influences, from Detroit hip-hop and techno to The Smiths, Bauhaus, and the Strokes, have inspired the sound of Gosh Pith. The unsigned group recently released its first single "Waves" which is available as a free download on their Soundcloud page.

tohska - Lacuna Bloom 

Some relaxing, ambient drum & bass sounds for the ending of the 14th edition of Found Sound. "Lacuna Bloom" is the most recent single by New York-based artist tohska, a track about exploring the human mind, and a fine soundtrack as we roll the end credits.

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