Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sleeper Hits 2014, Vol.1

The videos we've collected here have been around for some time now but unless you're already a fan of these bands, there's a strong chance you might have missed them. Hit play below and sample some excellent tracks, handpicked from some of the best rock records we've listened to in the first five months of the year:

Cloud Nothings - I'm Not Part Of Me (from "Here And Nowhere Else" LP)

The Men - Different Days (from "Tomorrow's Hits" LP)

Protomartyr - Come & See (live @ Viva Radio - from "Under Color of Official Right" LP)

Blank Realm - Reach You On The Phone (from "Grassed Inn" LP)

Hospitality - Going Out (from "Trouble" LP)

Marissa Nadler - Dead City Emily (from "July" LP)

Finale with the brand new video for "Blackt Out", the epic track that closed last year's "Last Night On Earth" album by Lee Ranaldo and the Dust - "a movie of a song in a dream of a movie":

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