Friday, March 14, 2014

Noise Met Sound Compilation

Noise met Sound, the Los Angeles-based DIY music label and art collective, is celebrating its one year anniversary with the release of a 9-track compilation featuring Lawrence Lindell, Gypsy Eyes and Inner Ecstasy.

And that’s not all; Lawrence Lindell, the label’s founder, has just released his second LP under his own name, titled "Eclectic Frequencies", a highly recommended release if you’re into the adventurous electronic journeys of artists like Aphex Twin or Flying Lotus.

You may already be familiar with Lawrence Lindell’s music concoctions if you’ve listened to any of his several self-released recordings as LAw which we have featured here in recent years. Check out both albums below and go here to discover all of the Noise Met Sound releases in its first year of existence:

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