Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fleeting Youth Records Vol.1

The mission statement of Austin, Texas, record and tape label Fleeting Youth Records is to provide music fans with top notch cassette and vinyl releases from emerging punk, garage, alternative, and pop bands.

We've already introduced you to a couple of the fine bands on the label's roaster (Passenger Peru, Clouder) on previous posts, time now to dig deeper with its first free (or name-your-own-price) compilation "Fleeting Youth Records Vol.1" featuring tracks from past releases, unreleased demos, brand new tunes from artists who are yet to make their label debut and bonus tracks from friends that will be playing at the label's free unofficial SXSW party on Thursday, March 13th with Mumblr, Clouder, HABITS, Big Bill, LA Font, Krill, GRASS IS GREEN, Two Inch Astronaut, The Ghost Wolves, Gunther Doug, Butter The Children, Bent Shapes, and Basketball Shorts.

Have a listen to the excellent compilation below and visit bandcamp to download:

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