Friday, September 20, 2013

Beach Fossils, live @ An Club (Athens, September 15, 2013)

And our September live music marathon continues... A week and a half after the frantic, garage-punk grooves of Parquet Courts, An Club was once again filled with some fine, New York guitar noise, this time courtesy of Brooklyn's Beach Fossils who certainly prefer a more melodic, pop-friendly approach. 

Dustin Payseur's songwriting is mainly indebted to '80s UK indiepop and new wave, but on stage his songs take a wilder, more noisy character, closer to punk than the dreamy, lo-fi sound of his recordings.

The highly energetic, 65-minute set with which Beach Fossils made their Athens debut, offered plenty of guitar mayhem and culminated with a passionate, verging on chaotic, extended version of "12 Roses" from their self-titled debut LP. Before the climactic encore, the band presented us a large chunk of "Clash the Truth", their latest album, as well as a few choice cuts from their past including three tracks from the EP "What a Pleasure". It goes without saying... the pleasure was certainly ours!

Beach Fossils, live @ An Club

Beach Fossils - Crashed Out (live @ An Club, Athens)

Beach Fossils played: Calyer, Moments, What a Pleasure, Daydream, Shallow, Generational Synthetic, Taking Off, Youth, The Horse, Careless, Clash The Truth, Burn You Down, Birthday. Encore: Crashed Out, 12 Roses.

Lumiere Brother, live @ An Club
The evening's entertainment started with the enjoyable pop of Lumiere Brother. Playing as a quartet, they started their set with tracks that relied on keyboards, but for the second part Thanasis Christodoulou switched to guitar, taking their sound to a noisier path. Check out Lumiere Brother's new album, "Twenty One", here.

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