Monday, June 24, 2013

Killer Tracks, Now & Then edition: Waxahatchee vs. Liz Phair

"Cerulean Salt", Katie Crutchfield's second solo effort as Waxahatchee, is finally getting its European release next Monday. Here's the new and very summery video for "Coast To Coast", one of the album's highlights and a current Cool Music Central favorite:

Waxahatchee - Coast To Coast

It's an interesting coincidence that this week is also the 20th anniversary of an album that will  certainly come to your mind as you listen to "Cerulean Salt"; Liz Phair's awesome 1993 debut LP "Exile in Guyville" has just turned twenty and Spin has a very interesting interview about its making here. And this is what I would have been posting as a Killer Track back in June of 1993, if the world wide web existed as we know it today:

Liz Phair - Fuck and Run

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