Sunday, February 03, 2013

New MBV, New You

I bet you're all listening to "m b v" right now and so are we. It starts all woozy and whispery and then it explodes with a big bang towards the end with the final three tracks ("In Another Way", "Nothing Is" and "Wonder 2"). It feels like opening a portal to a parallel universe and discovering the alter-ego of "Loveless". My Bloody Valentine have finally delivered the goods and the space-time continuum is disrupted: it feels like we're back to 1991.

Favorite track after the first listen? I'm between "In Another Way" (where the big bang begins) and "New You", "m b v"'s pop moment which is wisely put between the album's dreamy first part and the explosive finale. One of the most anticipated albums of the last 22 years is finally here and it is all we could hope it would be.

My Bloody Valentine - New You

My Bloody Valentine - In Another Way

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