Sunday, September 30, 2012

1997: Top 50 Singles

What do I remember from 1997? Well, one of the things that come to mind is that exactly 15 years ago today I bought the cd that became my Album of the Year for 1997, Helium's "The Magic City".

1997 was also the year that you couldn't escape from Blur's "Song 2". Normally, a song that gets such ridiculous amount of airplay is bound to get on your nerves eventually. The fact that this never happened with "Song 2" is all the proof that I need to declare it Single of the Year for 1997. Here's the rest of the year's Top 10 Singles - click here for the complete Top 50:

1.   Song 2 - BLUR
2.   The Trip - SWELL
3.   Autumn Sweater - YO LA TENGO
4.   Stereo - PAVEMENT
5.   Electricity - SPIRITUALIZED
6.   Take A Run At The Sun - DINOSAUR JR.
7.   Bitter Sweet Symphony - THE VERVE
8.   Brimful Of Asha - CORNERSHOP
9.   Autocade - PROLAPSE
10. Cowboys - PORTISHEAD

Click play below to listen to our selections for 1997 (and here's a link for the one that's missing):

1997 Singles by ody on Grooveshark

And here's the video for Helium's awesome "Leon's Space Song" from "The Magic City" which is not included in our 1997 Singles list since it was actually never released as a single:

Helium - Leon's Space Song

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