Sunday, June 17, 2012

Found Sound 5 with Bruxa, LAw, La Femme, Young Hines, Dead Leaf Echo, The Paellas

It took a while, but Found Sound is back once again with a handful of fine tunes selected among several submissions from promising new artists around the globe as well as other discoveries through the various social media outlets out there. If you have a tune you think we might like, you can reach Cool Music Central through facebook, twitter, soundcloud, or or even drop us a line to the address here. We can't answer to all of your emails but you can rest assured that we'll listen to your music and our favorite songs will be the subject of a future Found Sound post. So let's get started with Volume 5:

Bruxa - V∆!

Last August Portland post-witch-house synthpunks Bruxa dropped the limited edition cassette "Eye On Everybody" (listen here). This was the intriguing first part of a trilogy that will continue with the release of a second EP on Sweating Tapes sometime this summer. As "V∆!" shows with its combination of horror hip-hop beats, Front 242-style menacing synths and Sly and Robbie references, Bruxa are putting their dancing shoes on for this one. You should also check out the awesome Nightmare Fortress remix available as a free download here.

LAw - Conscious Warriors

We first introduced you to the electro - hip hop - beat experiments of Los Angeles DIY artist LAw in the previous edition of Found Sound. Last month LAw returned with the release of his self produced album "Experimental Imagination" which you can hear in its entirety here. The 12 songs on the album were chosen among a hundred other compositions and we've picked one of our favorites, "Conscious Warrior", to present for your listening pleasure here.

La Femme - Paris 2012

La Femme is a mysterious new wave and surf rock influenced six-piece from Paris, France. Check out below the excellent sci-fi video for their latest release "Paris 2012”, their second single, and go here to listen to their fine debut EP "Le Podium #1".

Young Hines - Can't Explode

Here's something for fans of Brendan Benson or Jack White. Georgia native Young Hines was discovered by Brendan Benson when he happened to listen to one of his demos which some of Young's friends were playing while they were painting Benson's house. The result of this happy accident was Benson producing Young Hines' album "Give Me My Change" which came out this spring on Readymade Records in the US and Lojinx in Europe. Have a listen to the rockin' "Can't Explode" above and check out the video here.

Dead Leaf Echo - Act of Truth

New York indie rockers Dead Leaf Echo are about to release their debut LP "Thought & Language" on Custom Made Music, mixed by John Fryer and with artwork by Vaughan Oliver (frequent 4AD collaborators both). The dreamy "Act of Truth" is a non-album track which will be released as a split single with Slowness, out on June 26 via Greenfuse Records.

The Paellas - Lights / Long Night Comes

When I first read the name The Paellas I naturally assumed they were Spanish. They are actually a lo-fi indie pop band from Osaka, Japan who recently released as a free download the lovely single "Lights / Long Night Comes", the second of which is my favorite, sounding like a long lost Sarah Records b-side.

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