Sunday, April 01, 2012

Keep Shelly In Athens & Baby Guru, live @ Gagarin 205 (Athens, March 29, 2012)

Keep Shelly In Athens and Baby Guru, two of the best new bands of the Greek scene right now, shared the stage of Gagarin 205 last Thursday. Here's a glimpse into the happenings of this enjoyable double-bill:

Keep Shelly In Athens was the first band to take the stage, playing just for the second time in their hometown. Thanks to the power of the internet, the band's chilled, electropop sound immediately generated international attention, making them one of the most blogged about bands of 2011 and landing them a place in this year's Coachella festival line up. This gig in Athens was the first step on the journey that will take them all the way to California this April.

The band's core duo of RΠЯ and Sarah had the help of three more musicians on stage, augmenting their sound with guitar, drums and contrabass. In this live incarnation their ethereal songs became rougher, more rock oriented, making it sometimes difficult for Sarah's voice to become the center of attention. As a result some of their more delicate songs had less of an impact live, while others, like set highlight "DIY", revealed an interesting alternative side to their recorded version. And despite her vocals getting lost in the mix here and there, Sarah was easily the star of the evening with her theatrical performance and dancing, gaining confidence as the evening progressed.

Keep Shelly In Athens, live @ Gagarin205

Baby Guru was up next with an impressive, highly energetic set with plenty of improvisation. The trio which draws inspiration from '60s psychedelic rock and '70s krautrock, has the ability to effortlessly expand its songs from the three to four minute mark which is their usual duration on record to more than ten-minute jams that leave you wanting more.

This tricky achievement is accomplished thanks to the ultra-tight rhythm section of King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche, who provide the steady backbone for singer Obi Serotone's improvisations on keyboards and percussion. Tracks like "Navigation" or "Kicks With Mary" become even more explosive on stage, taking the listener on a trip beyond the boundaries of the map. If they ever manage to capture all this wild live energy on an album, then Baby Guru can grow up to truly become the Guru of the Greek rock scene!

Baby Guru, live @ Gagarin205

Check out below two of the night's highlights: "DIY" by Keep Shelly In Athens and an edit of "Kicks With Mary" by Baby Guru.

Keep Shelly in Athens - DIY, live @ Gagarin 205

Baby Guru - Kicks With Mary, live @ Gagarin 205

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