Sunday, January 15, 2012

1989: Top 50 Singles

And with this post our '80s Singles project comes to an end. Since last March, we've been posting monthly the playlists of our 50 favorite singles of the year from 1980 onwards and now we're finally standing at the doorstep of the '90s as we unveil our 1989 Top 50 Singles list which is topped by "Monkey Gone To Heaven", one of Pixies finest moments.

The environmentally conscious track was released as a single in March 1989, paving the way for Pixies' second full-length album "Doolittle". "Monkey Gone To Heaven", the band's first major label release in America (they had just signed to Elektra Records in the States, while they remained with 4AD in the UK), is also notable for adding for the first time strings in their explosive sound, using cello and violin to create the calm before the inevitable, apocalyptic guitar storm that follows this Monkey to Heaven as Black Francis counts from 5 to 7, from Man's to God's number.

Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven

Here's 1989's Top 10 Singles:
  1. Monkey Gone To Heaven - PIXIES
  2. Blues From A Gun - THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN
  3. Fools Gold - THE STONE ROSES
  5. Blew - NIRVANA
  6. Just Like Heaven - DINOSAUR JR.
  7. Dizzy / Santa Claus - THROWING MUSES
  8. Cab It Up / Dead Beat Descendant - THE FALL
  9. Fight The Power - PUBLIC ENEMY
  10. Me, Myself And I - DE LA SOUL
Click here to see the complete Top 50 list and click play below to listen:

1989 Singles by ody on Grooveshark

Next month our Singles projects enters into the '90s. Stay tuned...

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