Thursday, September 22, 2011

HTRK vs. New War

With so many fine new releases lately, I barely have time to let one album sink in before the next one comes along, demanding my immediate attention! While Dum Dum Girls' excellent sophomore LP keeps streaming away, HTRK's "Work (Work, Work)" has also got me hooked in a big way after a couple of spins. It's not the sort of record that grabs you immediately like "Only In Dreams", but its slow motion, dark, atmospheric sound envelops you insidiously and draws you inside before you realize what's happening. Give it a try here:

And on HTRK's recommendation, listen and download below the debut single by Melbourne band New War. It is titled "Ghostwalking", its fluent grooves bring to mind a more laid back Rapture, and it also features two killer remixes by HTRK and Gossip. Apparently this free download is not going to be up for long, so grab it while you can here:

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