Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Postcards from Berlin #1: Destroyer, live @ Magnet Club, (August 7, 2011)

After a couple of weeks of downtime to refill our batteries, Cool Music Central is back and has some exclusive audio and visual treats for you.

Part of our brief summer vacation was spent in Berlin, Germany, where aside from the usual sightseeing (check out at the left a photo of Victoria's statue, or Goldelse as Berliners like to call her, at the top of the Victory Column - the angels' favorite hangout spot according to Wim Wenders' ace 1987 film "Wings of Desire"), we also had the opportunity to attend a few fine gigs around town. And since this a music and not a travel blog, the photos, videos and stories we have to share with you over the next few days are from these musical excursions of ours in Berlin, starting with Destroyer's excellent performance at the Magnet Club on August 7th.

Dan Bejar's longest running musical project may not be as high profile as The New Pornographers, the indie-rock collective that most of us associate him with, but this may well change given how awesome "Kaputt" is, Destroyer's highly acclaimed ninth long-player.

The album's richly orchestrated pop gems formed, of course, the backbone of the luscious sounding 70-minute set, with "Chinatown", "Savage Night at the Opera", "Kaputt", "Song for America" and "Suicide Demo for Kara Walker" being the highlights of the evening which closed with an encore performance of the epic "Bay of Pigs". Before the show's grand finale there was just enough time in the main set for a couple of choice cuts from the band's rich back catalogue, including "Painter in Your Pocket" from the 2006 album "Destroyer's Rubies" which you can check out below our photos from the evening:

Destroyer - Painter In Your Pocket, live @ Magnet Club, Berlin

Support for the Destroyer gig came from Berlin-based duo Zulu Pearls. Download their track "Keep it Cool" from the LP "No Heroes No Honeymoons" below to get a taste of their slow-burning indie-pop sound:

Coming up in part 2 of our Berlinale: Sebadoh rock Festsaal Kreuzberg and we all get matching T-shirts to commemorate the occasion!

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