Saturday, June 25, 2011

1983: Top 50 Singles

Our '80s trip continues in Cool Music Database - click here to check out the list with our 50 favorite singles from 1983, a year with plenty of annoying pop that dominated the charts but also rich in alternative music classics.

The choice of the number one single was particularly tricky this time, as 1983 was the year that The Smiths made their debut with their first two instant classic singles, "Hand In Glove" and "This Charming Man", while Bauhaus ended their run with one of their best ever singles, the epic goth masterpiece "She's In Parties".

In the end though my choice had to be the anthem that defined the newly formed indie-dance hybrid, New Order's "Blue Monday", a single instantly recognizable by its triumphant drum machine attack that is designed to conquer any dance floor within seconds. Another interesting trivia about "Blue Monday", typical of the eccentric Factory Records' history, is that due to the original 12" single's elaborate die-cut sleeve that resembles a giant floppy disc (remember them?) designed by Peter Saville, the record company would lose money on each copy sold. The sleeve became progressively more simple with each repressing so that the huge demand would be met and the company would actually be able to make a decent profit from it (see also here).

Click play below to listen to our Top Singles of 1983:

New Order - Blue Monday

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