Sunday, May 15, 2011

Found Sound: Husband, Soft Metals, 31Knots, Teepee, sistra, neyBuzz

The web is full of cool sounds waiting to be discovered. In our Found Sound series of posts we'll be sharing our latest findings with you, focusing on lesser known artists that deserve your attention. In the first installment we have oddball, tribal electronica from Italian duo Husband, smooth electropop from Soft Metals and adventurous rock from 31Knots, both from Portland, lo-fi guitar frenzy from Miami's Teepee, Russian indiertonica from sistra and mellow dub from San Francisco's neyBuzz.

Husband - Love Song

  01 Husband - Love Song by Robot Elephant Records

Husband are Gianlorenzo and Chiara from Bologna, Italy and on their debut EP "Love Song / Slow Motion" (out this Monday on Robot Elephant) they offer mesmerizing, tribal electro sounds that bring to mind ‘80s experimentalists like 23 Skidoo or Cabaret Voltaire. The EP also offers remixes of "Love Song" from Mascara, Sifaka Kong and like-minded, '80s electropop-loving act Soft Metals which transform the track into a trance anthem, ready for the dancefloor of a forward-thinking indie-disco.

And speaking about Soft Metals, the Portland-based duo of Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall, here’s the mp3 of "Psychic Driving" off their forthcoming self-titled debut LP (via Pitchfork):

Soft Metals -  Psychic Driving"

31Knots - Candles on Open Water

  31Knots - Candles on Open Water by Polyvinyl Records

31Knots are about to release their 7th full-length, "Trump Harm", on Polyvinyl this June. The track "Candles on Open Water" is the first taster from the adventurous-sounding album which can be pre-ordered here along with Vin Blanc’s "Chroma Key", the limited edition debut solo effort from 31Knots guitarist and vocalist Joe Haege (free mp3 of the track "Red Thread" here).

Teepee - Sewing Machine

"Sewing Machine" is one of the standout tracks from the album "Morals" (available for free download here) by Teepee, the solo project of Eric Lopez-Zareno. The combination of explosive guitar and frantic drum-machine on this one seems like a lo-fi attempt to recreate Big Black's ferocious sound. Elsewhere things get more trippy and psychedelic.

sistra - Everyone has his own remote control

  | сИстра | - Everyone has his own remote control by | sistra |

sistra are from Khabarovsk, Russia and make dreamy indietronica. "Everyone has his own remote control" is one of their newest tracks available on soundcloud and it's perhaps their best effort to date.

neyBuzz - REvolution

  REvolution by Neybuzz Music

Finale of our first Found Sounds with a mellow dub instrumental from San Francisco's neyBuzz, the title track off their 3rd album whose laid-back sound has been described as "Augustus Pablo meets Curtis Mayfield on Independent Street".

More new discoveries coming up soon, on the next Found Sounds installment.

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